YKS Team Eu Turkey Map v 1.4.3

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-7 new country, connected to Europe map.(Turkey,North Cyprus Turkish Republic,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Bulgaria,Croatia,Georgia and Serbia).
-61 cities from Turkey.
-2 cities from North Cyprus Turkish Republic.
-2 cities from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
-1 city from Bulgaria.
-2 cities from Croatia.
-2 cities from Georgia.
-2 cities from Serbia.
-Added Kapıkule and Sarp border crossing from Turkey.
-Added Šamac border crossing from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
-Added Kapitan Andreevo and Kalotina border crossing from Bulgaria.
-Added Bajakovo border crossing from Croatia.
-Added Gradina and Batrovci border crossing from Serbia.
-80% of models from Turkey are belong to us.
-Game Version 1.26.x

Installation instructions:
1.Extract this downloaded file;
2.Put the scs file on ets2 mod folder;
3.Activate mod on your mod mananger
Good Game…

Ets2 EU Turkey Map Facebook Sayfamıza Abone Olmayı Unutmayın ? https://goo.gl/WkNzAd

Project Manager: Dogukan_K61 Map: Scaniaman6106 Models: Dogukan_K61,(Karsı),furkan61,UMTKRZ Coding: mbb27 Testers: SinanYılmaz,UMTZRLU Thanks for: orlic

DOWNLOAD 530 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 530 MB [Uploadfiles]

31 thoughts on “YKS Team Eu Turkey Map v 1.4.3

  1. tsm 6.5 is compatible with?

    1. Unfortunately. Just main map and together going east dlc and scandinavian dlc .

  2. arnuX LTU

    work with promods????

  3. Marcelo Escada


  4. work with promods or truck sim map??

  5. With the TSM map doesn’t work.
    I made a fix to work with MHAPro.

    1. sqferryman

      Love to try this with MHA Pro. Any chance of releasing fix or a link to it SlavikSD? 🙂


  6. PLEASE make it compatible with Promods 2.15 + Rusmap 1.7.1 + Southern Region 6.0

  7. its not work with mha pro the game is crash

  8. quigonjinn68


  9. Guys Unfortunately not working Pro Mods and Tsm Map. Just main map and scandinavia and going east Dlc in working. Maybe Viva La France can work in Dlc.

  10. PLEASE+make+it+compatible+with+Promods+2.15+++Rusmap+1.7.1+++Southern+Region+6.0

  11. Can anyone make an Eiffel Tower mod for Paris?????

  12. Fix Turkey – MHAPro: http:// sharemods .com/ q43njo8j6ecj/Fix- Turkey1.4.3-MHAPro1.25 .scs .html

  13. its not a link to download

  14. Thousand thanks, SLavikSD for the fix! Now I get the combo to load, but the maps are not properly connected south of Hungary. Which load order do you use?

  15. please make it compatible with Promods 2.15

  16. gmtavares

    I would love to play this map with ProMods, as would most of the users, I guess!
    Is there no way to make it compatible with ProMods?

  17. its great thanks for this mod

  18. We have to have the dlcs (scandinavia, going east, vive la france) for run the mod ?

    1. Scandinavia and Going East are required. Vive la France is NOT required.

  19. Hello!
    Compatible with the Rusmap without promods?

  20. Please somebody answer,Does this work with promods ?
    And if so what is the mod stacking order ?

  21. No it doesn’t work with ProMods. You also need going east and scandinavia DLCs for this mod to work.

  22. yannick011

    Here is an episode of random maps, a series on my YouTube channel. In this video I’m driving on the YKS team Turkey map V1.4.3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzvaW96FjEo

  23. 1.27+when+?

  24. 1.27 when ?

  25. Will it work with vive la france

  26. PolishYoungTrucker

    When me try run profile with Turkey and ProMods, RusMap, Project Balkans, Souther Region, EAA and Indonesia map game stopped working

    1. PolishYoungTrucker

      Im have version with all dlc

  27. Kullanıcı

    Video yayınlarmısınız Mod Sırasını

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