YKS Team EU Turkey Map v1.35.x

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-7 country, connected to Europe map.(Turkey,North Cyprus Turkish Republic,Azerbaijan,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Bulgaria,Croatia,Georgia and Serbia).
-61 cities from Turkey.
-2 cities from North Cyprus Turkish Republic.
-2 cities from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
-1 city from Bulgaria.
-2 cities from Croatia.
-3 cities from Georgia.
-2 cities from Serbia.
-2 cities from Azerbaijan.
-There Kapıkule and Sarp border crossing from Turkey.
-There Šamac border crossing from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
-There Kapitan Andreevo and Kalotina border crossing from Bulgaria.
-There Bajakovo border crossing from Croatia.
-There Gradina and Batrovci border crossing from Serbia.
-80% of models from Turkey are belong to us.
-Not compatible with other maps.
-No need new profile

-Avrupa Haritasına Bağlanmış 8 Ülke(Türkiye,KKTC,Azerbaycan,Bosna Hersek,Bulgaristan,Hırvatistan,Gürcistan Ve Sırbistan) Bulunmaktadır.
-Türkiye’de Kapıkule Sınır Kapısı Ve Sarp Sınır Kapısı Haritada Bulunmaktadır.
-Bosna Hersek’de Šamac Sınır Kapısı Haritada Bulunmaktadır.
-Bulgaristan’da Kapitan Andreevo Sınır Kapısı Ve Kalotina Sınır Kapısı Haritada Bulunmaktadır.
-Hırvatistan’da Bajakovo Sınır Kapısı Bulunmaktadır.
-Sırbistan’da Gradina Sınır Kapısı Ve Batrovci Sınır Kapısı Haritada Bulunmaktadır.
-Türkiye’de %80 Kendi Modellerimiz Kullanılmıştır.
-Diğer Haritalarla Uyumlu değildir.
-Yeni Profil Gerektirmez.

Required DLC:
Going East
Vive La France
Beyond the Baltic Sea

Installation instructions:
1.Extract this downloaded file;
2.Put the scs file on ets2 mod folder;
3.Activate mod on your mod mananger
Good Game…

Respect the original download link.

Version: 1.35.x

Project Manager: Dogukan_K61 Map: Scaniaman6106 Models: Dogukan_K61,(Karsı),furkan61,UMTKRZ Coding: mbb27 Testers: SinanYılmaz,UMTZRLU Thanks for: orlic

DOWNLOAD 684 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 684 MB [Modsbase]

10 Responses to YKS Team EU Turkey Map v1.35.x

  1. JoachimK says:

    Please, you have the good Load order in the Mod manager ?
    Thank you.
    mod yöneticisinde iyi bir yükleme emriniz var mı?
    teşekkür ederim (Google Translator)

  2. Unknow says:

    Thanks Google Chrome… TO BLOCK THE DOWNLOADS >:C

    • Sandgroper says:

      Yes, same here in Australia. I got around it by using Tor browser.

  3. yalcin ozan says:

    sofia beats the game

  4. crashingbill says:

    @joachimK: the map exists, but that’s all: ferry not working, no jobs, you can buy nothing (garages, trucks, etc.) . In 1 word: SH*T.

    • JoachimK says:

      No, the Map is there and I’m buying Garage in Sofia and Istanbul. Trucks and Drivers also no Problem.
      Jobs are OK, after Economy Reset.
      I give it a Try. If not satisfied, delete 🙂

  5. plojey says:

    Palermo dock need fix. Naples to Palermo and from Sardinia to Palermo. Does anyone experience this?

  6. Vader says:

    A hundred times I tried to get from Bulgaria to Turkey. And a hundred times the game throws me away. What is the reason?

  7. kirpi says:

    Diger haritalarla uyumlu degil ise, özellikle (promods) neye gerek

  8. Emir says:

    Not work. 1.35

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