Yutong 6122 Bus 1.30.x

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– Standalone.
– Purchased in the Volvo showroom.
– Many beautiful skins.
– There is a tuning.
– Its physics.

ets2-哦哦 突击团队



11 thoughts on “Yutong 6122 Bus 1.30.x

  1. Mr.Perfect

    Is this BUS or TRUCK simulator ???

  2. LucyLuuBoo

    This is epic seriously well done, very nice bus i will test it asap! thanks for sharing

  3. Bhagwant123

    Of course this is Truck Simulator game but we are already so bored to drive truck so want drive another vehicle i. e. Car, bus, Jeep, bike, etc OK please don’t ask to anyone if he upload new vehicle for us Let him upload OK we like it

    1. Mr.Perfect

      Then go and play OMSI2 if you want to drive bus!!!

      1. When SCS first made Euro Truck Simulator 2 they intended it to be a bus simulator aswell in case the trucking thing didn’t take off. That’s why there are already built in bus stations in the map.

        It would be such a wasted opportuinty for the modding scene of ETS2 not to exploit this. Instead of complaining, be happy we get more variety in mods.

  4. it’s not standalone bus mod…

    1. que quieres decir con eso amigo?

  5. nice

  6. Nice mod… but the chinese bus mod i really want, is zhongtong navigator 1.5 deck …

  7. the bus dont have sounds.pls help

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