Zeeuwse Trucker Hotfix version v 2.01 Scania RJL 2.0

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Fix for mod 2.0 scania rjl add-on by zeeuwse trucker.
read the read_me_first file include in download.
Only for Scania RS 6 series by RJL 2.0

happy trucking

Authors: zeeuwse_trucker / scs / RJL / 50Keda / LonglinerV8 / Piva


31 Responses to Zeeuwse Trucker Hotfix version v 2.01 Scania RJL 2.0

  1. zeeuwsetrucker says:

    Go to mod folder and get rid of the old mod if you have, place the new updated mod witch has the same name in folder and start your game. Do NOT over read the old mod with the new one because it will give error’s.

    Happy trucking

  2. Dutch-Wave says:

    thnx you ar amazing

  3. asr-2565 says:

    Очень красиво! Если бы ещё для Тешки такие салоны сделали бы.

  4. Taktik says:

    Fantastic mod, thanks!
    but…I have two requests:
    1. Interior for Scania R4 too
    2. Please make compability chrom addons on grill with Powerkasi addons on roof (Trux roofbar etc.)


  5. mareems says:

    goed gedaan een pluim

  6. Robin says:

    What did you fix?

    • zeeuwsetrucker says:

      Interior fix index stream.
      adjust the front mirror cam.
      sideskirts for 4 x 2 & 6 x 4 3100 chassis added.
      fix some texture failures. and added som more…

      • Mike says:

        ….player logo changed… dashboard new…(depending on where the mod is placed in the manager..above or below the main mod)

        well, I like it, but u should let people know that it changes some of the original settings people might want to use – howto bring back the ones used

        • Mike says:

          the custom interior having some issues… reversecam …buttons on top of it – should this be above or below the main mod ?

  7. josch1308 says:

    Fantastic……I like your work….thanks a lot……!!!

  8. Tony.S says:

    Link broken

  9. Greg says:

    the game crash in interior
    [gl] unable to map attribute (v.tangent)
    [gfx] Failed to create pipeline setup for (/vehicle/truck/upgrade/steering_w/scania_rcab_edit/materials/plastic_dark_v8.mat – fwdopaque)
    [Vehicle accessory]: ‘exclusive.v8red.exc.scania.rs.interior’ /def/vehicle/truck/scania.rs/interior/llexc_v8r.sii

    • zeeuwsetrucker says:

      exclusive v8 red interior is not mine.

      • Mike says:

        some issues …did say reversecam a few posts up, meant the incam …frontviewcam on dashboard.. u see some buttons on top of it
        modconflict ? Griffin DLC doesn’t work with interiorr.. the LED Board, default once works….. suitable options needed ?

        • zeeuwsetrucker says:

          the f-mirror cam you meen, the weeda logo suits for weeda and zt interior, the zt logo suits for rjl interior.

          • Greg says:

            I don’t know why but when i go to truck views its work fine but when i go to buy the truck and change the interior it crash

          • zeeuwsetrucker says:

            Just make shore that you place my mod above any mod from rjl. For example on the bottom scania t, then scania rs, dlc interior, window flags and then this mod, it works for me, no errors.

          • Greg says:

            yea i know but it still crash

          • Mike says:

            then U must have some custom interior mod …something U forgot ?

          • Greg says:

            No no i have try it without the others mods

  10. Melli says:

    can you make an addon for steering wheels creation pack? there are perfect custom steering wheels who works on the scania r but no on rjl…

  11. Atki62 says:

    Hi mate I don’t know if it’s just me but when I apply the weeda super logo it always ends up being upside down am I doing something wrong?

  12. Muffin says:

    I don’t know but my game started to crash now after this hotfix..

  13. Alex says:

    Very very Nice works Zeeuwse ! Possible another addons with your inside of this pack in several colors would be it please ?

    Thank you very much for this works

  14. hej123 says:

    Hello! I have one question only.
    I am using your mod with the remoled v12 mod but unfortunately they do not really work together, if i have remoled mod on higher priority i get blue lamp reflections in the air, and I have your mod on higher priority the leds and lamps gets almost no brightness at all. My question is will this problem with the flares be fixed so this 2 mods can work together? The guy who made the remoled mod have already said he won’t fix it. Having both of these mods together is like the best you can have.

    • Joe Hardcastle says:

      Hi hej123,

      Just wondering would you be able to link where you got the remoled accessories v12 mod from? I cannot seem to find it.

  15. Hej123 says:

    The download link is somewhere in the 20 pages, you will find it.

  16. iRi says:

    Большой спасибо)))

  17. Karl Hartmann says:


  18. Rıdvan Yiğitoğlu says:

    Can you update this mod for 1.35 please

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