ZIL 130-131-133 [07.11.18]

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– Autonomous
– Registered as a separate slot in the Scania Motor Show
– 3 cabins (130,131 and 133)
– Your salon
– 5 chassis options (4×2, 4×4, 6×4, 6×6 and 6×6 BDF)
– Its sound
– Own animation
– Its wheels and tires
– DLC support
– Own tuning
– Light in the cabin
– Each model has its own registration (ZIL-130, ZIL-131. ZIL-133)
– New engines (D-245, D-260, SMD-23, YaMZ-642, Caterpillar-3116 and 2 prototypes (ZIL-133)) + gearbox
– The wheels of the old model for the ZIL-130 and 133, as well as single rear tires for the ZIL-131 (6×6 and 6×6 BDF)
– gable left for 4×4 chassis
– KAMAZ wheels for ZIL-133g

Version 07.11.18 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.31.x – 1.32.x):

– Updated pmg and other files for the new version 1.32.x
– Improved light and glass

Kraska, Koljan


13 Responses to ZIL 130-131-133 [07.11.18]

  1. Koljan says:

    Author link – https://modsfire.com/4Nelo3F61eO65tz

    There is no trailer like on the screen, I cut it out, because for 1.32.x I did not adapt it

  2. BigJhon says:

    Stolen mod!

  3. MarLIN says:

    BigJhon says: SUCK MY DIC

  4. B.pipos says:

    Video Test. ZIL-130

  5. B.pipos says:

    Video Test Zil 133

  6. B.pipos says:

    Video Test Zil 131

  7. kaok says:

    good mod and truck but is too weak

  8. zuputo says:

    Ja nicht nur zu schwach auch voll von error fix das bitte

  9. Trucker_Schmitt says:

    I know that truck from older game versions. The engines are ways to lame, the fuel tank is to small, and as I remember there were many errors in console. The truck developer should finally and urgently rework it completely, otherwise it is not recommended to download.

  10. MarLIN says:

    BigJhon says: fac you iss my dic bich bcih suyck my dci kiss my dic fac you gey boy fac you mader moron

  11. Roberto says:

    I like this mod, but I have a question: after installing it, almost all of the trucks for the quick job offers are ZIL !!! Is there a way to reduce them ?

  12. Bodyguardxp says:

    ETS 2 – ZİL 130-131-133 – TUNİNG Mod [1.32]

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