ZIL 4421 Adapted

ZIL 4421 Adapted

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Are a separate slot
His sound
Your wheels
Prescribed in the companies(orders agencies)

Prescribed additionally the dealership in England
Prescribed in the companies(orders agencies) in England
Prescribed in the companies in Europe
now the orders will be tuning option with the most powerful engine
Added two new engines and transmission
Added two-wheel-drive chassis
Since the original was dirty and matted, I “washed” and “polished”
Did it in the form of a fix for those who like clean!
Adapted to new versions
Added a second mode wipers
Did the rims and tires for 1.17 and above
Added manifest for the mod Manager

Tested on 1.18, 1.19

Model Nikon Oleinichenko, Anton Aronson.
Salon Stas556, Anton Aronson.
Repair, modernization, adaptation vovangt4.

Nikon Oleinichenko, Anton Aronson,Stas556,vovangt4.


3 Responses to ZIL 4421 Adapted

    • modernization says:

      Mr.GermanTruck = You are in the right mind !?
      You show the fake mod!

      You know, you do not have a head on your shoulders )

  1. KontiovaaranJuhani says:

    Update this truck for version 1.23!!

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