ZIL 4421 for 1.25.x – 1.23.x


ZIL 4421 Adapted for 1.25.x – 1.23.x.

Buy in MAN
Your sound
Your wheels
Prescribed in the companies(orders agencies)

Prescribed additionally the dealership in England!
Prescribed additionally the dealership in Europe!
Now the orders will be tuning option with the most powerful engine
Added two new engines and transmission
Since the original was dirty and matted, I “washed” and “polished”
Did it in the form of a fix for those who like clean!
Adapted to new versions
Added a second mode wipers
Did the rims and tires for 1.25.x.x. and above
Added manifest for the mod Manager!!!

Tested on
Adaptation for game: 1.25.x – 1.24.x – 1.23.x.

Credits: Model Nikon Oleinichenko, Anton Aronson. Salon Stas556, Anton Aronson, vovangt4. Adaptation: Maxagent

DOWNLOAD 78.7 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 78.7 MB [Uploadfile]

10 Responses to ZIL 4421 for 1.25.x – 1.23.x

  1. losevo58 says:

    Camera Why not corrected ?????
    Such adaptation #### who needs.

  2. miaoumixed says:


    Thank you very much for your work,
    testing it right now.


  3. Cipinho says:

    sound of the engine doesn’t work! unlike the other version Zil 5423 where sound works fine but that one has not many options like this.
    would you please correct the sound?

    • Cipinho says:

      ok, it sound works but only if the mod placed above the other Zil trucks!

  4. Steini says:

    Hehe, ZIL also produces Trucks? 😀

  5. Acemı Oyuncu says:

    Nice job ! Thank you friends 🙂

    Watch link : https://youtu.be/l1TPPyZCbkU

  6. peperebvs says:

    superbe travail, je ne roule plus qu’avec lui, mais serais t-il possible de créer un pack accessoire de la même époque que le camion ?

  7. 4004 says:

    What is this, a gps for ants?

  8. Harry Hirsch says:

    No rear lights at the truck. Please fix it

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