ZIL 5423 by Fox071rus & Stas556 v.2.0


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For version of the game from 1.19

Truck sold in the showroom of Iveco. Is present in the gallery of the trucks and in the companies. Have their own add-ons and sounds.
Parameter setting, icons and sounds are available for editing. Access to the rest of the mod closed.
– adaptation to the new version of the game
– the real technical specifications
– added passenger
– added light-mask
– added in the traffic
– other fixes

– Fox071rus : 3D model
– Stas556 : Implementation to the game, animation
– Mishanka : Parameter setting
– kriechbaum : Sounds


9 Responses to ZIL 5423 by Fox071rus & Stas556 v.2.0

  1. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    HD Test Video….

  2. Stas556 says:

    В README написано дословно – Заливать на другие обменники ЗАПРЕЩЕНО.

    The README is written literally – Pour on the other exchangers PROHIBITED.

  3. BanditGamingHD says:

    full HD video with this truck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_o-_wq-6L0

  4. serjoga says:

    Kriechbaum: ti hotji slishal ruskij ZIL?

    • Maximka.L says:

      So what language do you speak ?
      Ну и на каком языке Вы говорите ?
      Это и не русский, и не английский…

      • starszydziadek says:

        как девушке, чтобы перейти к Scania

  5. SiminatorzST says:

    HD review of this truck with English commentary.

  6. truckdriver-xx says:

    This truck is just a masterpiece in almost every aspect.
    Thanks to the Russian modders who know how to create a real truck!
    The very positive points:
    – It looks really nice,
    – it has a ‘rich’ and ‘strong’ sound,
    – it has good power – up to 750 HP
    – it has a very nice ‘co-driver’ attached, hahahaaaa (can be switched off, if wanted)
    – handling is excellent

    The minus – so far they exist, are
    – the wipers, even when three ones exist, they do not work good, especially don’t wipe the field of view – it should be fixed…..
    – the painting should have more choices added
    – the headlights need more choices to upgrade with additional lamps

    In summary it is a very nice truck, so my congrats to the developers!!!

  7. Human says:

    me if drive truck make game lag and truck can be more faster turn. Me so far least drive with fast job. Please fix this

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