ZIL 5423 ETS2 1.36 DX11 (gearbox update)

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Zil-5423 truck updated for ETS2 1.36 DX11 (gearbox update).

This is the real one, no fake outdated files, no tuning hassle, just Zil-5423.

+ update 1.36 DX11
+ now cabin dlc compatible
+ got rid of the built in GPS, get it from Sisl megapack instead if you want one.
+ truck added in custom Zil truck dealer
+ fakeshadow fixed
+ engine rewrite closer to reality
+ log file almost clean

Fox071rus, Stas556, Mishanka, kriechbaum, Rockeropasiempre, Unic, Ultrabald


7 thoughts on “ZIL 5423 ETS2 1.36 DX11 (gearbox update)

  1. John Thomas

    Nice mod but i deleted it after finding out. I could not use a custom colour with it. All my trucks are the same colour externally.

    1. Ultrabald

      Yes unfortunately there is only one skin available for this truck. If you want to use a custom paintjob, you may try the Zil 4421.

  2. Bolex Simulation

    Link for official full test of this truck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x781uvARbqI

  3. I remember this truck from King of the Road ! Great Russian machine.Thank you i will drive it in South Reegion.

  4. FunTrucker_18

    This and the older Brother are nice trucks, tho! But one thing: If you use both together, the lower priority one loses the cables. Will you fix it some time?

    1. Ultrabald

      Thanks for pointing this out. Didn’t notice before, I’ll see what I can do.

    2. Ultrabald

      @FunTrucker_18 I tested both trucks with no other mods and cables are working no matter the priority so I suspect you have a mod conflicting.

      Could you post your gamelog.txt ?

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