ZIL MMZ 5423


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With tuning, interior, camera, wheels.
Tested 1.12.1s.

Fox071rus, Stas556



30 thoughts on “ZIL MMZ 5423

  1. The BEST Russian autoprom ! Thank you.

    1. Hey Vlad! I love ur vids and i don’t know why they always don’t use your presentation of mods 🙁

  2. Неужели трудно всю информацию по моду, а в частности авторов, прописать? Взяли с другого форума, перенесли на свой, но уже в искаженном виде. Спасибо за это я вам не скажу!!!

    1. Туповатые они)

  3. Needs more info, like is it standalone? Where to buy it etc. But it looks very interesting.

    1. this truck standalone, Buy in Iveco dealer.

  4. iveco dealer there can you buy it from

  5. @dr_jaymz

    nice wheels

  6. Sevandres

    If you’re looking for a low-power truck to drive, this is definitely one of the best around. It’s got a pretty nice sound to it, good model, wheels, and all around great character. The interior boasts optional curtains, flags, and other cosmetics as well.

    The only down side is the default interior camera is at a weird spot, but you can use the in-game seat adjuster to remedy that. Another thing I don’t like is the lack of exterior customization, for example, you only get one paint job. Not even basic colors. Yep, what you see in the pictures is what you get, but I’m happy with the truck as is.

    I found mine at an Iveco dealership.

    1. Thanks for the useful info mate.

  7. Psycho_Yuri

    epic, Hard Truck memories!

  8. joe_alker

    Normally I wouldn’t give Russian trucks a second look, but I had a look at this.

    It’s good, well built and accessories are optional (a rarity in Russian trucks). The mod comes in two scs files, an unlocked one with sounds and defs, and a locked one with the truck in.

    Unfortunately, the truck’s color.dds is locked, and I’ve tried for 30 minutes to crack it with no look. I will try and make a skin template for it, if I can crack it, but I don’t know if I can.

  9. Download work`s not !
    Is nothing to open??

    1. Sorry my Mistake!

  10. Marrcelo Sanchez

    Dear Friends:
    The best Russian trucks, from ETS2!!!
    Congratulations on your excellent design and thoroughness.
    Thank you very much for sharing!
    (Sorry for my bad English)
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  11. Why I dont see this truck in Iveco dealer? I enabled mod and 1.12.1s version.

  12. @dr_jaymz

    excellent! great outside model, nice interior, great wheels, nice sound, just headlights and rear-lights almost don’t work… thanks!

  13. Nice work’s,but why truck’s color.dds is locked ?

  14. i always loved this truck in hard truck king of the road anyone remembers this oldscool game? 😀 awesome to see this one back in ets2!

  15. Those were the days. I miss those days. Sudden hit of nostalgia.

  16. Sarkissian

    Love this little truck!
    If you normally don’t download truck like these, do yourself a favor and download this one!
    It is worth it!!
    Great little truck!

    My best regards.

  17. Charger87

    Thanks,HARD TRUCK 2) Great ZIL, please more skins Hard Truck2.

  18. 44th MAC Bagger

    Damm nice little Worker 🙂
    with a bit more Parts to change the Look my Favorit
    I will use him in Future in my Tour History Storybook on TSM :-).
    Thx fore these Quality Work

  19. Looks like I have a new workhorse for the Hungary Map!

    Спасибо вам большое за большой грузовик сохранить хорошую работу !!

  20. Ultrabald

    This is truly, in my opinion, one of the best truck mods out there.

    If only there a few more tuning options it would be THE best. At least, release the template so we could skin it !

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