Zorro Skin for Scania T


Zorro Paint Skin for Scania T Topline
Tested with RJL Scania T on ETS2 V1.22.xx
Place this mod just above your Scania T mod in the mod manager

Chris45, SCS, RJL, Wopito


4 thoughts on “Zorro Skin for Scania T

  1. Asphroxia

    Where do i get the antenna on the mirrors?

    1. The antenna selection dot is on the cab roof, i am using a scania t reworked version so might be part of the mod.

      1. Asphroxia

        Strange… i use both of these mods and dont see the dot..

        1. Chris45UK

          The Scania T mod i am using is in the link below the antenna are part of this mod.

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