Zorzi convoi V3


Diamond Modding


5 thoughts on “Zorzi convoi V3

  1. standalone?

  2. szetland1971

    replaces trailer by Roadhunter

  3. This is IMHO the wrong trailer for transport such a “beast”. You need an flatbed trailer, more clamps, warning signs etc.

    1. Why would you put it on a flatbed trailer? Then it would sit even higher.

      You want it on the same type of trailer (dropdeck) but a low-loader variant like this picture:


  4. Highway_Au

    thats a nice looking trailer but i would shorten it and move the axle group back as far as possible.

    that float in that pic looks like noah used to own it. (old)


    these are the fattest looking trailers i have seen getting around here in australia

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