BCD Scania Race paketas v1.0


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Bennekeben & Duck187


18 Responses to BCD Scania Race paketas v1.0

  1. vkavlas says:

    its working for me nice job man

  2. Manu says:

    the link does not download the file

  3. Geronimo says:


    the download doesn’t start here… on both links.

    Have a nice day 😉

  4. brummy_trucker says:

    whats the point of posting this if they dont want to share it

    both links dont work plz fix it

  5. Shahin says:

    Hi. From the video it looks like nice mod but the download links you gave are pretty much not working. Can you give a better link and thanks lot for making this mod.

  6. onkeltom says:

    -dl not work

  7. Askarina says:

    where is scania t mod link ?

  8. @dr_jaymz says:

    “eurotruck simulator UNDERGROUND?

  9. Bennekeben says:

    plz visit our homepage @ http://1manarmyfans.webs.com
    to check the status on our links, we are looking for a solutions because my cloud is under heavy download activity and there for maxxing out fast, even a second cloud doesnt last long. anyway all info is on the site it will explain why sometimes the links not working!

    there are New media fire uploads Done, for all Mods so check it out at our main site!

    Grtz Bennekeben

  10. PuppetTheMuppet says:

    When I select the new chassis, the game crashes to desktop.

    • Bennekeben says:

      explain what truck wich chassis, open game.log and link the error line, we will check it out !

    • Bennekeben says:

      Bug Found, Fix uploaded both 4×2 chassis work without crashing File side increase abit due me forgot to add some scripts :p

      Fixed now ! found an other bug plz report them on our main site! it could take a few days for me to find out all comments on other sites like this 1 about my mods.

      Have Fun!!

      • PuppetTheMuppet says:

        I am driving the Scania T-6 series. The game no longer crashes to desktop but I am missing the following parts
        BC Chassis low6x4
        BC Chassis Tolow6x4
        BCustoms AWD low8x2
        BCustoms AWD Tolow8x2
        BCustoms AWD low8x4/4
        All custom wheels
        The custom herbie paintjob is broken.

        • PuppetTheMuppet says:

          When I get off of work, I will check the other trucks (the Streamline and R series) to see if they are missing parts.

        • Bennekeben says:

          For Lowerd chassis more then 4x2wheels u need to download our Lowrider mod.

          The race pack only includes the 4×2 low / Tolow Chassis lightweight chassis.

          Wheels u need our Whitewalls mod.
          All our mods can be found on our site.

          Plz add a screenshot of the herbie skin on our site’s forum in url or upload it at the ETS2 screenshot section.


  11. Bennekeben says:

    Mod updated to 1.1 >> Download the latest version @ http://uploadfiles.eu/yo463hgtx244/zzz_SCANIA_BCD_Race_Truck_V1.1.scs.html

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