Bennekeben Daf XF Euro6 garso modas v1.0


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7 thoughts on “Bennekeben Daf XF Euro6 garso modas v1.0

  1. Через наушники слушать-Ахренеешь.Плохой звук и не реальный.Че вы все копируете звуковые моды,от Scania изначально!?

    1. Bennekeben

      Its the original daf sound with a few added sounds to give it a bitmore rumble.. your subwoofers get a little to feed on…

    2. Автор пишет что оригинальный звук Даф, с несколькими дополнениями, а по мне так полный отстой а не звук.

  2. Faelandaea

    This is absolutely beautiful sounding on the video!!! Downloading now. Love that it stays stock but just gets a touch of love for some beefy feel.

  3. the sound already great no thanks

  4. Through headphones to listen to the sound-Ahreneesh.Plohoy not realnyy.Che you copy all audio modes from Scania originally !?

    It says you Alekssey.

    1. Faelandaea

      This isn;t even close to a Scania sound. The author took the default E6 sound and just added some bass – to make it sound like a truck and not like a small car 🙂

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