DAF XF Euro 6 medinis valdymo skydelis

DAF-XF-Euro-6-Wood-Board-1 DAF-XF-Euro-6-Wood-Board-2

Medinis valdymo skydelis DAF XF Euro 6 vilkikui

Autorius: OveRTRucK


5 Responses to DAF XF Euro 6 medinis valdymo skydelis

  1. stephen says:

    Be good if we had the update to use these dashboards unless you brought your game from steam. They are not bothered about the rest of us that bought and downloaded from there website. They dont get the update we have to wait

    • poor says:

      yes true I have no steam , Iam also waiting .

    • Gnitto says:

      You do know you van add your ets2 product code to steam, which allows you tot download the latest beta?

      • _Paapz0r says:

        dont bother trying to convince em… some people dont want to use steam…

        dont ask.. i dont know why either

        • matpol98 says:

          True, i used to be one of them. That was untill i actualy tried steam, now i love it :p

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