Jano tekstūros ir garsai 1.0


Daug tekstūrų ir garsų modas.
Testuota su 1.9.22



28 Responses to Jano tekstūros ir garsai 1.0

  1. PunKy says:

    Nice! 🙂

  2. oggmeista says:

    Dude this might be nice and everything but

    I’m not paying ANY money to install a mod!

    upload it to a decent FREE host if you want people to download it

    So thx but No thx

    • Jano says:

      oggmeista.Hey. Completely free, this mod is located at the bottom gray “Letöltés” button. 🙂

      • ecsjoko says:

        Yes, free, but with “Turbo”-Speed from 14kb.
        So it should be nice, but I don`t like to wait more than 1hr. Sorry…

  3. LG-Buddy says:

    cool mod!

    and i didn’t lose much fps! i like the interiors.

    good job! 🙂

  4. ibram says:

    Video !??

  5. Jano says:

    Hey. Sorry, no YouTube account, so I did not make a video. 🙁

  6. Robikin says:

    Thank you….!

  7. Anthony says:

    Can you upload to a free download please

  8. Jano says:


  9. Vesku-K says:

    Yep. Free share, I have a 100/10 Mbit connection and this is into your mod takes about 20-30 minutes to come. Thank but no thanks.

  10. Pampalini says:

    Szép :)—-nice,—-Schön. Garatulálok

  11. Marko says:

    how to remove black vindow and lights?

  12. Brocade says:

    Brutal mod<(z)Jano mod?
    Jano mod<(z)Brutal mod?
    Brutal mod=Jano mod?

    Your new interior looks great. I want to use this with Brutal mod.

  13. huawei says:

    Download speed is toooooooo low ….. Shame. It’s nice looking mod

  14. doudi says:

    Hi it would be possible to do only mod of these modes New leather interior for all truck:
    New engines,
    New transmissions,

    Factory chrome wheels textures.
    Black windows. housing stock to see if you thank you very much David

  15. SharpeGamezModz says:

    Really good mod, but chrome is a bit too much on some wheels. love the new horn sounds.

  16. Theosz says:

    very nice mod

    I hope it will be updated to v1.15x

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