Kamaz 43118 + salonas + priekaba + garsai BETA


Pakeičia DAF sunkvežimį
Priekaba pakeičia Aero dinamic

Autoriai: Mr.Green, Mr.Nick, volk113rus, lexan, maz_man ™, maks (xD), Ch_Vitalik, Alfir Maratovich


8 thoughts on “Kamaz 43118 + salonas + priekaba + garsai BETA

  1. Video bus? Kazkodel man nerodo

  2. Hey,thanks for the uploader and authors of the mod,i really like this old russian trucks,good job man,it;s a nice mod but it could use some improovement,maybe some accesories to be able to add,there are also only 2 engines 320 and 1000 hp,also the trailer,when u turn the front wheels of the trailer do not turn,they just ,,drag” on the ground,besides this,a good mod,thanks

  3. Bosnian Guy!

    front wheels of trailer dont turn… only drag.

    1. Stillkickin

      It a good mod and like sum new engines,

  4. Ah,also windscreen wipers dont work.

  5. lol,and another thing,u should not be able to take another trailer besides the tandem one,but u can take any trailer u want,doesnt look good but it works.

  6. BAD!

  7. What. Do i can select any trailer and i will get the tandem one?

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