Mercedes MPIV priekabos + VOS Logistics


Priekaba: Satan19900
Telkstūra: Fred_be


5 Responses to Mercedes MPIV priekabos + VOS Logistics

  1. willy1962 says:

    Thanks Fred ,as always nice skins and new type of trailers .

    • willy1962 says:

      this mod with type of trailers is what I ment with my last request with:
      Vos / v.d. bosch / Rinnen / peeters
      but I`m haapy with that one also .

  2. Fred_be says:

    This is another trailer but it’s same order that you have made

  3. wegger says:


    DAF please

  4. fabiano says:

    nice work friend #Fred_be !!
    can make a skin for Mercedes MP4 p
    company “wolter Koops”
      thank you
    keep it up
    good work

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