MHA Pro EU žemėlapis v 1.6

MHA-Pro-EU-Map-v-1.6-1 MHA-Pro-EU-Map-v-1.6-2

MHA Pro EU žemėlapis – veikia su 1.14.x žaidimo versijom

Autorius: MsHeavyAlex


53 Responses to MHA Pro EU žemėlapis v 1.6

  1. maddison says:

    Well done Alex! 🙂

  2. breizhdave says:

    hello map RUS works with 1.3.5 ??

  3. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Thanks. What’s nice about this is there’s one for ETS2 version 1.14 and one for ETS2 versions 1.11-1.13.
    For me, The one for ETS2 version 1.13 still connects with RusMap v1.3.5 without a problem.

  4. breizhdave says:

    So your card and map Rus 1.3.5 version 1.13.3 it works

  5. Lada2105 says:

    Hello I have a question, I know how to nstall mods, But I can’t install Map mod, If I enter the game it always says: ‘Ets2 has stopped working’ Can Someone help me?

    • UnableRogue says:

      Have you tried disabling all other mods?

      • Xander1986 says:


        I have the same problem and all other mods disabeld!

        • UnableRogue says:

          Do you have the “Going East” DLC? This map needs it. Plus it may not be compatible with 1.13 release of the game. I haven’t tried it yet.

    • MsHeavyAlex says:

      for my map MOD you must have DLC East !!! and all problems you can find in GAME.LOG, notepad document near mod folder where you put mods in there!!

  6. kacer58 says:

    must GOING EAST DLC… :/

  7. DAF_FEN_BG says:

    Hello this map work on version 1.11.1

  8. UnableRogue says:

    LOVE your work Alex. THANKS!!!! 😀

  9. Faelandaea says:

    I always love bouncing between the Hungary Map, TSM and MHA Pro. I am very excited to have this on 1.14 and out of the three this is the first to get to 1.14 compatibility! YAY! That default map was boring me to death in beta!

    Thank you, Alex. You just made my day off worth it 🙂

  10. radow35 says:

    verry good! i like your work! and work’s perfectly!

  11. Toma says:

    Problem :/

  12. ZW3RG says:

    It doesnt work :O i deleted all mods and just used the MHA Pro EU Map and it doesnt worked. When i start a new Profile everthing is fine… but i cant use the Mod on my current Profile… why? are there any tricks to make it work on my old Profile?

    • MsHeavyAlex says:

      maybe is game something remember somewhere …because they change a little bid game again … and some of you have problems …but basic is not a problem with our maps ….mostly are problems with MODs which you use and when you save game …game remeber all the time some of small things …and then you have problem like it yours 😉 …shame …try somehow , with some tricky or something to start again your Profile

      you’re not alone on this ….

  13. mark says:

    i had to start new profile to get working.but works good.thx for the map

  14. Moonzee says:

    Does this work with Eastern Express for 1.14

  15. rogerio15923 says:

    promods, poland rebuilding make any crash even if disabled.

  16. Mareems says:

    One of the best map in Euro Truck Simulator
    Thanks Alex

  17. MidniteTrain says:

    So do you do this for non steam?? I do not run steam. Love your work.

  18. Faelandaea says:

    Well, one fatal bug that I have found so far. It seems to ahppen randomly and only on this map. Looking at the error I am guessing something is trying to be accessed locally on a hard drive I do not have, meaning the author has a “D:” drive he was working with that somehow got saved to a prefab or something.

    00:00:13.400 : d:\build_bot\slave\final_build_ets2_114\build\prism\src\p3core\collections/arrays/arrays_base_impl.h(470): [email protected]@[email protected]@QB[email protected]: Index outside array boundaries.

    Other than that, I loved the map while I played it. Before the crash occurred only when driving, but now it’s occurring while loading into the profile, so i cannot even drive the map anymore 🙁

    • Chickenegg01 says:

      this may be drastic, but i know you can reg edit it to change its target drive, or it may be done thru game files.

      • Chickenegg01 says:

        Or mod files.

        • Faelandaea says:

          unfortunately there is absolutely no way to determine which file is throwing the error. The way ETS2 works, all you can tell is that SOMETHING on the map is being pointed to and the files are asking for that directory, but the error message does not say exactly what. I really REALLY enjoyed the map during the first few runs i did on it, but the crashes made me delete that profile for now. I’ll try it again next update, though, because I have seen the quality in this map in prior versions of ETS2 and definitely want to get back rolling on it again in 1.14.

          • MsHeavyAlex says:

            contact me with GAME.LOG on FB 😉 …

            I hope you have DLC East … I played now on STEAM 2-3 days all day long without any problem …so, maybe you can try go down to 1.13. and restart game and then again try install 1.14 …it can be that update doesnt work like it must. …but basic, this update to me is totally mess for now …and nothing new from SCS team which want use again our help for there success 😉 !!!

  19. ### says:

    compatible with ProMods?

  20. carl says:

    New city Maastricht (NL) in the main street …… both sides one wall

  21. Mex says:

    The game crash when i will se deliver

    • MsHeavyAlex says:

      do you have DLC East ? …otherwise …look in GAME.LOG and find Error in there…this document is near mod folder where you put mods in there … it is notepad and you can read in there all errors all other informations

  22. lumin says:

    Hey. camera is too far away. is a mod that it will return to normal

    • MsHeavyAlex says:

      with scroll on your mouse you can go closer .. lol

      • lumin says:

        MsHeavyAlex: Yes, I know. But I still want the mouse wheel to zoom. I’m used to old-original view. Could you please go back to normal

  23. MsHeavyAlex says:

    Guys ,

    this version dont work with Russian map 1.3.5. because Russian map is still in old version !!!

    On other hand TONIGHT I will release on the same place new map , so download it and just REPLACE with old one ..

    It is Stand alone map.

    And anyone, who have problem, I will talk with him on FB :

    If you think that map dont work ok, first kick all other MODs out and you will see how work everything perfect. If you use other MODs, first look for which version you have ,and any similar MODs between them will cause you crash to game, not to my MOD !!

    I saw here many problems, but non of this is from my map MOD, I ‘m sure in this, because I played all day long today and I dont find any problem…just some from 1.14.04 update which must SCS fix it 😉 !!



  24. Kuaku says:

    Hey!! Can you redesign road from Warsaw(PL) to Bialystok(PL)
    it’s two-lane road

  25. TurboTrucker says:

    Great mod. Been driving it for three hours now. Very good.

  26. sathish says:

    mod did not load in ETS 1.13. whether this mod is compatible with 1.13 or 1.14 as the later is not yet released.

  27. Uxot says:

    1.14 not working…even with a vanilla profile..

  28. carl says:

    I do not understand why non steam users always have to wait so long before a patch comes out … it has been almost a week since 1:14 came

  29. Tingel Tangel Bob says:

    Hi Alex!
    I have a bug since your beautiful Map enabled.
    My Games Version: 1.14.4 Beta Steam and no other map in the folder.
    Nevertheless thanks for your work

    00:01:14.132 : Map link conflict for 0x3117DE6FF401A0E, two items are probably using the same prefab

  30. viber13 says:

    …problems in U.K. road (NO ENTRY OF FERRY,HAVE CARGO…).

  31. Everton says:

    O mapa MHA Pro EU Map v 1.6 na versão do jogo ETS 2 Versão: 1.14.7 não pegou

  32. Female Trucker says:

    Please could you tell me why I cannot get the Daf Euro 6 from a Daf dealer? all I can buy is the old XF.
    Thanks Alex.

  33. ManexHD says:

    Does not work (have steam version), i have tried only the MHA Pro EU Map and a new profil and then crashed the game. Please HELP!!!

  34. Corrado says:

    Hello Guy’s First sorry for my bad English 🙁
    This MAP is Beautiful , Thank’s MsHeavyAlex , Very Good job !!

    Juste , I have an error …My Game is a 1.14.2 steam version , The game crash a new truck bye , I have creat a new PROFIL and i have this is gamelog :
    00:00:20.510 : Map ‘/map/europe.mbd’ loading started ….
    00:00:20.830 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘gdansk’ for 0x1E19B71706016B7
    00:00:20.872 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘katowice’ for 0x2935DF72F0DC26
    00:00:20.881 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘ostrava’ for 0x2935DF8670E780
    00:00:20.911 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘lodz’ for 0x1E10C4B04500031
    00:00:20.926 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘gdansk’ for 0xBB06C733A2004A
    00:00:20.927 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘olsztyn’ for 0x23AA35EF8A0031B
    00:00:20.944 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘gdansk’ for 0x2935DF4AC0E977
    00:00:20.948 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘katowice’ for 0x2935DF0930DDBA
    00:00:20.950 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘krakow’ for 0x2935DFC9B0E530
    00:00:20.951 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘krakow’ for 0x65865B2A720021
    00:00:20.957 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘krakow’ for 0x247B2576AF0001A
    00:00:20.965 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘bystrica’ for 0x2935DEF750C684
    00:00:20.965 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘bystrica’ for 0x2935DF1E10CE8D
    00:00:20.978 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘budapest’ for 0x2935DF3F70D5E1
    00:00:20.986 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘lodz’ for 0x2935DF1E9004A3
    00:00:21.002 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘olsztyn’ for 0x2935DF1A70FB33
    00:00:21.005 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘olsztyn’ for 0x2935DFE3C0FA81
    00:00:21.018 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘kosice’ for 0x2935DEE550C686
    00:00:21.021 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘kosice’ for 0x2935DFEBA0CA7D
    00:00:21.049 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘warszawa’ for 0x2935DF7300FCD5
    00:00:21.074 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘debrecen’ for 0x2935DF25A0D5DF
    00:00:21.076 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘debrecen’ for 0x2935DFB230D054
    00:00:21.077 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘debrecen’ for 0x1E304E072200018
    00:00:21.091 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘lublin’ for 0x2935DFB9F0DF80
    00:00:21.098 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘bialystok’ for 0x2935DF0830021B
    00:00:21.113 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘bialystok’ for 0x2935DF1AC0F678
    00:00:21.114 : Unable to find ‘City’ ‘bialystok’ for 0x2935DFAB90F423
    00:00:21.872 : Map successfully loaded.
    00:00:21.891 : Map load time: 1380ms (88 MB)
    00:00:21.896 : Loading save ‘/home/profiles/436F727261646F/save/autosave/game.sii’
    00:00:22.239 : Road network navigation caching started.
    00:00:24.630 : Map link conflict for 0x3117DE6FF401A0E, two items are probably using the same prefab
    00:00:24.998 : Road network navigation caching finished.
    00:00:25.012 : Garage update started.
    00:00:25.293 : Garage update finished.
    00:00:25.294 : Economy load time: 6706ms (24 MB)
    00:00:25.386 : Game init finished. (140 MB)

  35. yogybaer says:

    wann kommt die eu-map für 1.14.2 der cd-kauf
    version, NICHT STEAM!!!

  36. Redneck50 says:

    1.15.1 update out and I have no cargo showing up for any city.

  37. RayFiftyOne says:

    My savegames don’t work anymore on this map. New savegames don’t work either, game crashes.

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