HD lietaus ir rūko papildymas v 2.2


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HD lietaus ir rūko papildymas – veikia tik su Brutal Environment modu

Autorius: Kaas


10 thoughts on “HD lietaus ir rūko papildymas v 2.2

  1. versión 2,1?

  2. This is version 2.1!!!!!!!Please check your link is old version??????

  3. version 2.1⁇

  4. Its not 2.1 i simple forgot to rename it to 2.2 after i updated it 🙂

  5. Sometimes after starting up Ets 2…the sky turns black…even in day time….seems to be night then in the sky, while on the ground it is day time…sky graphics are missing then…not the case in version 2.o but after that, so the versions 2.0 and 2.1! Starting up again..helps but its irritating! Then don”t like the grey objects….without fog. It looks like graphics don’t completly load…not the case..your mod turn them down..without fog….just grey objects…Not a less I like the rain and thunder!

    1. Well i will have look into it ty Henk 🙂

  6. Why 2.1 & 2.2 it’s not working for me? I got only 3 mods activated: ai_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat, Brutal Environment Gold and this mod. 🙁

    1. ps: The Raining effect and raining sound are works find, but can’t see any fog when is raining or other time.

  7. Mod 2.2 seems to working fine now ..after downloading update 1.14. xx at a scaling of 300%! The mod works also better, cause of new outside view…DAF euro 6…less sky! So..no fog..in sky…but only on object and directly on the ground..is not to be seen anymore in the new truck Daf euro 6, cause of the other outside view. ( higher ) Well my experience!

  8. Hello , this mod is great but i noticed one bug .
    Sky some times turnes black like another guy reported . Hope it will get fixed soon . Keep up 🙂

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