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SCANIA R2008 v2


Skirta 1.4.x versijoms

-anaheim and mr.poland
-Mattias P and Arnook for skins 🙂

* Netalpinti į kitas talpyklas


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25 Responses to SCANIA R2008 v2

  1. Kenny parašė:

    do i have to delete the old verison?? or can i just replace it with this?

  2. Baba parašė:

    For 1.4.x versions !!!

    perfect GuYsZZ, TYVMuch

  3. Nils parašė:

    Can you make this for Daf pls??

  4. gaz parašė:

    hi there was just wondering why I get this in my game.log file

    00:01:31.791 : [fs] Failed to open file “/def/vehicle/truck/scania.50k_r_high/accessory/f_mirror/shape1.sii” in the read_only mode

    [fs] Failed to open file “/def/vehicle/truck/scania.50k_r_high/accessory/f_mirror/shape1.sii” in the read_only mode

    load_unit() – Failed to open file (/def/vehicle/truck/scania.50k_r_high/accessory/f_mirror/shape1.sii)

    Invalid addon data (/def/vehicle/truck/scania.50k_r_high/accessory/f_mirror/shape1.sii)!

    • Sarkissian parašė:

      If it says “in the read_only mode” that means that part is most likely missing, not there.
      So a mistake by the mod makers.


  5. Joey Boerenkamp parašė:

    Very nice! Only there are 2 bugs. The headlights look weird when you look on top of them when they are turned on, and when it’s night in the game, there are some orange lights flashing in the truck cabine. Please fix these issues. Could you also make a V8 sound mod with custom horn sound for this truck? I would really like that!

    Greetz Joey Boerenkamp

    • Kromus parašė:

      Yup, they are there from v1, but otherwise amazing work on this truck from modders, I’d like to see it fixed too, but can live with it.

      • 50k parašė:

        Don’t you think I would fix it if it was possible?
        So just don’t use grill lights and lights won’t flash in interior view…
        And don’t know what you mean with headlights.

  6. Jonesy parašė:

    Does the roof spoiler work on all scania models ?

  7. Kristian parašė:

    It only needs custom rear bumper and Scania will be perfect 😉

  8. Dar143v8 parašė:

    The only thing wrong with this mod is the interior, if you could make the dashboard right this may possibly be the one of the best mods for ets2. Congrats on makin an excellent mod!!

    • SCANIA730 parašė:

      the dashboard is right,the last “old” R (like 50keda called the scania “R 2008”) have the interior like its in the r 2009(also called R 2009 or R 2010)

  9. SCANIA730 parašė:

    …i mean: also called new R (r2009):D

  10. Dar143v8 parašė:

    If you are gonna have the old shape Scania you might aswell have the old interior, it makes more sense…

  11. david pollock parašė:

    hi keda

    is there plans for heavy haulage chassis for this mod love you work so far keep up the hard work

  12. scaniarr parašė:

    I got the truck working but i don’t know how to get other mods working with it. What do i need to do with the addon storage

  13. Stephan parašė:

    I love your mod but my game is all laggy when I drive the truck:( do you know what this can be?

  14. Stephan parašė:

    I love this mod but my game gets all laggy when I drive the truck, what can this be?

  15. Nathan parašė:

    Does it work on 1.4.12 Cannot seem to find it what dealer is it at?

  16. Nathan parašė:

    ignore my last comment this works great! for the people who have lag problems just exit ets2 once you have bought the truck then just start the game and It should run fine!

  17. Storhaug parašė:

    If only someone could make a Wit Stuur mod for this truck. Would make i perfect.

  18. biochazard parašė:

    for some reason i cant seem to get it to work 🙁 i get the truck and chassis but not the lights i want the lights under my mirror but it’s not there

  19. matpol98 parašė:

    I do miss the real r2008 interior though :/ (its the interior we had in ETS) But other than that, a realy good truck!

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