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Eldorado Map Rodobrasil FREE v 1.6.5 for 1.24

Eldorado-3 Eldorado-2 Eldorado-1

YouTube preview

We’re back updating the map Eldorado Rodobrasil with new roads, moreover also brought some new businesses, such as the distribution company orders, post office.
Now it will also be possible to deliver on works and make deliveries of fuel in petrol stations the service of Ipiranga!
How about handing in the works? Yes you can.

-Added New cities:
* Vila Nova Registro;
* Vila Alvorada;
* Centro Registro;
* Jardim Hatori;
* Fazenda Rodobrasil.

-Added New trailers:
* Bulk Trailer by Lucas Santana;
* Chest Trailer by Lucas Santana;
* Trailer Bucket by Macouly;
* Tank Trailer Ipiranga by TIRAFINA / MUNDOETS2

-Added New companies:
* Agency and distributor of Posts;
* Loading and unloading of fuel at gas stations;
* Eldorado buildings.

-Open The link;
-role The page to find the link to download the version 1.6.5 of Eldorado Rodobrasil FREE map;
-Make Download;
-Make Extracting file “Eldorado Map Rodobrasil FREE.rar” for your folder “mods”
-Active The map mods manager;

Attention: If you still use the previous version of Map Eldorado, remove it along with the fix that was used and keep active only this again!

Map 100% compatible with 1:24 and with some other maps!

Come, join family Eldorado and enjoy!

Author: elvisfelix


Map of the State of Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Rio-de-Janeiro-3 Rio-de-Janeiro-2 Rio-de-Janeiro-1

YouTube preview

Map of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Brazil. v1.24

Rio de Janeiro or abbreviated Rio (port of Rio de Janeiro, just -. January River) – a city in Brazil, the administrative center of the eponymous state.

Map autonomous, when creating a profile, you must select the gaming unit: Rjmap.mbd

Fashion content:
– On The south of the map is mainly dominated by the city at the head of the administrative center of the State: Rio de Janeiro.
– Sosredotochena Main logistics.
– Large Multi-level interchanges.
– Industrial And transport infrastructure.

– On The north of the map is dominated by countryside and beautiful mountain landscape with winding roads.
– On The map, you can find a hidden road.

To install the map files in the manager (bottom – up numbers!):
– Rjmap_modbus.scs
1. Rj_map_b3_map.scs.
2. Rjmap_b3_prefab & more.scs
3. Rjmap_b3_def & mat.scs
4. Rjmap_b3_model_04.scs
5. Rjmap_b3_model_01.scs
6. Rjmap_b3_model_02.scs
7. Rjmap_b3_model_03.scs

Archive events added: Cameras_rj.scs
Put at its own discretion.
From add modes for passenger transport: Pasajeros_V4_World.scs

Tested on version ETS2 1.24
Probably will work on version 1.23

Author: Rj

DOWNLOAD 1.2 GB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 1.2 GB [Uploadfiles]

R.O.C (Republic Of China) Taiwan map alpha test 0.17 & PRC map 0.12 (patch 1.24.x) add-on


R.O.C (Republic Of China) Taiwan map alpha test 0.17 & PRC map 0.12 (patch 1.24.x) add-on

This map need patch 1.24 and
DLC Going East! + DLC Scandinavia

zip password in this page

PRC map need R.O.C map assets to run it in Europe.

add new route and new models.

Credit list detail in mod description.

R.O.C Map still in test, have any suggestion, you can post on my blog page.
If you don’t want to play test map, you can wait bigger R.O.C map .

Terms of Use
Currently the mod for the free use in the following conditions using models and maps.
1. Do not use in commercial, indicate the author.
2. My models and map use in other map that map must be free, recognized me as co-author of the map, I have the right of changes, mergers, issuing models and the map.
3. Use my works for the remake model, I also have the right of use and modify .


DOWNLOAD 468 MB [Mirror]

ProRus Map v 1.2

ProRus-2 ProRus-1 ProRus-3

Continued maps. Added Bobruisk, Soligorsk, Svetlogorsk. On the territory of the new improved range of drawing. Fixed errors of the previous version, map is now compatible with TSM map. In order to fix a bunch of maps enclosed in a folder location of the files shown in the screenshot.

Author: diman26

DOWNLOAD 671 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 671 MB [Uploadfiles]

Tokyo Bayshore v 1.23

Tokyo-Bayshore-1 Tokyo-Bayshore-2

YouTube preview

I have found 1.22 remaining some texture errors.
This is minor fix of these problem.

1/3 scale Shutoko Bayshore route Standalone Map mod.

– fixed bug
texture error of Yurikamome AGT in Tokyo.
sidewalk texture error.

-additional features
Oi train depot.
JR series N700.

Shinkansen is Japanese High-speed railway system and its higher reliability (on-time statistics ,safety records and high capacity) is unprecedented system in the world.

This small update adds theirs home Oi depot and series N700 Shinkansen.

DLC Scandinavia and Going East! is required.

Author: Koutsu


PJ Indo Map v 1.8 fixed

PJ-Indo-3 PJ-Indo-1 PJ-Indo-2

YouTube preview

Updated version of map Indonesia

Added city Bebunga and Paleman and improved roads .Fixed all bugs from earlier versions,much rebuilt and altered.

Full compatibility with version 1.24. Is easily combined with most cards.(TSM Map,ProMods,EAA, etc.)

Position in the Mod-Manager does not matter in list of cards to start a new game is optional

Compatibility: MhaPro+RusMap+Panbase

Tested on version 1.24s

Log Clean !

Authors: Septian_MR, fixed: pg group mods


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