Northern Scandinavia v0.98.8 for 1.20x (standalone)


Release of new standalone Northern Scandinavia map by me, Chris94_NOR. This is v0.98.8
Before i tell you to install my mod, it is required that you have DLC Scandinavia. This has happened since v0.98.5
First a litle Q&A

Q: Why is it required to have DLC Scandinavia to use this map?
A: It is required because the map is using models, prefabs, roads, tunnels and many other things from DLC Scandinavia

Q: When it is required to used DLC Scandinavia, is it required to have DLC Going East aswell?
A: No, it is not required to use DLC Going East becaused the map is not using any models and prefabs from it

Q: Is the map compatible with other map mods?
A: No, the map is unfortunately not compatible with other map mods because the map is a standalone map, and also it is a different scale
than the vannila map. The standard vanilla map of ETS2 is in a scale of 1:19(UK is 1:15), where this map is in a real-life scale, 1:1, real-scale, real-time hours.

Q: Is it possible to make this map compatible with other map mods?
A: It is not possible because then i would have to make a new map, in same scale as the vanilla map and then there would be many cities i would have to leave out in it.
I have considered to make a Northern Scandinavia map in 1:19 scale. I tried it before, but never succeeded.

– Copy and paste NorthernScandinavia-def.scs, NorthernScandinavia-map.scs and tzmap.scs to “Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod”
– Create new profile(only for those who don’t have a profile already of my map)
– Set game module to “Test1.mdb” and not “europe.mdb”, because this is a standalone map
– Complete profile and then select your city. Current cities available for headquarter are Bodø and Fauske.

-Bugs fixed:
– Transparancy on the windows on your truck
– Adapted the new weather feature
– All invisible walls on 4-lane road between Bertnes and Vikan removed(was discovered on inner lane).
– fixed ferry bug in spawning(Bodø-Moskenes)
– Fixed the AutoPass in the intersection up to Hunstadmoen.

Bugs not fixed:
– Location of the map
– Rain in the tunnels on the map

New features:
– Upgraded models of the gas stations(Shell, Esso, Statoil).
– New company in Rognan(NBFC)
– New company in Saltstraumen(Tree-et)
– More improved scenery in some areas that were empty
– Better economy in-game.
– DLC bridge model of Saltstraumbrua(Saltstraumen Bridge)
– DLC bridge model of Sunnanbrua(Sunnan Bridge), in Saltstraumen.

Uncompleted areas:
– Å i Lofoten not completed
– Tind not completed
– Reine not completed
– Working on the road towards Saltfjellet mountain range on E6 and also towards the Norway-Sweden border on Rv77(Rv95) “Silvervägen”.
– E10 from Reine to Narvik is under construction

– 1.20x
– Works with all other mods other than map mods that are working in 1.20x

FLD(prefabs and models)
Chris94_NOR(map developer)

FLD(prefabs, models), Chris94_NOR(map developer)


Australia Tasmania map v5 1.20


Upgrade to version 1.20, fixed bugs departure near the large car dealers, thanks for the help AlexCrazy, and thanks to the authors for the use of Rus Map certain models.



Hungary Map v 0.9.26 +

Hungary-Map-1 Hungary-Map-2 Hungary-Map-3

This version contains the following changes and updates:

– No new cities have been added
– Several updates in the models and road network on the older parts of the map. The older areas received new models, prefabs, and more variety of interesting road scenarios to discover.
– Lots of map fixes.
– Map is converted to work with v1.20 of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Author: Frank007

DOWNLOAD 552 MB [Mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 552 MB [Sharemods]

UK map standalone


UK map (standalone) for ver 1.20.1s

Start Game:

1.Unlock all truck & add on , you can buy it from start new game
2.start money 99.999.999.999.999


1. Unzip UKTS_2_(uk_map-for_ETS2_1.20.1s).rar with winrar / 7z
2. Copy .scs file to the mod folder
3. When creating your profile activate UKTS_2_(uk_map-for_ETS2_1.20.1s).scs and select britain.mbd as module!



Project Balkans: ProMods addon for 1.20.x

ProMods-addon-2 ProMods-addon-1 ProMods-addon-3

This is the map mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2, which expands the game world with detailed map of Balkans. Requires Promods and both DLCs to run. Also requires latest ETS 2 update, 1.20.

Our mod is also compatible with Poland Rebuilding and Rusmap. Just remember to put it above Promods in the mod manager.

Authors: Grega, volan123, ETS-2 User


Bridge from Calais to Dover and City on Island v 6.2


YouTube preview

Now you can go free from France to UK and enjoy an amazing city on island. City have many details, models and new expensive garage! Compatible with 1.19.x and all game mods.

Update 2.0:
– City get name “Dolais”
– Solved textures
– Garage available to save/buy/edit/teleport
– Compatible with 1.15.x and many another mod

Update 3.0:
– Compatible with 1.16.x
– Compatible with antoher mods
– Solved crash bugs

Update 4.0:
– Solved bugs and crash problems
– Compatible with all mods and DLC
– Compatible with 1.17.x

Update 5.0:
– Added a new island
– Added a company
– Added truck dealer Man on new island
– Compatible with 1.18.x

Update 6.0:
– Compatible with Mod Manager
– Solved crash from Truck Dealer
– Compatible with 1.19.x

Update 6.1:
– Working Properly with GPS route customization;
– Compatible with 1.20.x

Update 6.2:
-Solved bug for GPS route customization;
-Solved road broken connection;
-Changing the route from left to right is easier;

Installation:Extract files from “Part.I Bridge” and “Part.II Bridge” to ETS2 mode directory.


DOWNLOAD 2.9 MB part I

Europe Map with 11 Countrys by Morcos Bacsi


1.20.1-es patch work on
A Going East to be added
Finland: Helsinki,Tampere,Lahti,Mikkeli,Vantaa,Espoo,Jyvaskila,Turku
Albania: Tirana
Romania: Oradea,Timisoara,Arad,Baia Mare,Satu Mare,Zalau
Ukraine: Munkacseve, Uzshorod
Bulgaria: Sofija
Macedonia: Skopje
Greek: Thessaloniki
Croatia: Zagreb, Rijeka
Slovenia: Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje
Corsica Ajaccio
Serbia: Beograd
starting cities: Helsinki, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Satu Mare, Oradea, Timisoara, Sofija, Skopje, Thessaloniki, Ajaccio, Beograd, Munkacseve, Tirana
Ferry: Helsinki-Gdansk
Ljubljana, Zagreb It has been completely built
Slovenia linked with Italy,
Croatia linked with Italy,
Ljubljana you can go through half Klagenfurt,
M7 Motorway Hungary linked with Croatia
The map edited and upload severely prohibited!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Graz linked with Slovenia

Author: Morcos bacsi