[1.36]Kriistof Addon Pack Krone DLC V2.4


You need My Pack Krone DLC V2.4

Why Separate ?
Because many Player prefer just Trailer Ownable
You have Now choice

Drive Safe

Kriistof SCS


11 thoughts on “[1.36]Kriistof Addon Pack Krone DLC V2.4

  1. It seems to me that the trailers are from Matdom1988 (MDModding) and it doesn’t block mods.
    If I’m wrong I apologize.

    1. Mod traffic do by MDModding and permission for share it in my pack since my pack V2 😉

      1. MdModding is my friend no problem

        1. Ok, as usual you always have an answer ready.
          Anyway I already have these Krone trailers in traffic,
          Question: if some friends want to customize their skins in traffic, how should they do it?
          I salute you

          1. ust dl the mod he made on the basis of my skin to coolliner . you modify the defs, then he made for ME the base of profiliner and dryliner, I created the def and I shared them with his permission. I don’t have an answer for everything ? https://ets2.lt/en/krone-coolliner-traffic-and-job-market/

          2. But if you wan’t contact me on fb or steam with my pseudo or on scs forum

          3. I thank you for the invitation, but I don’t use social or other forums or discord Modstudio2.

          4. I have already created skins for a long time and I have no problems. Can I share my Skins?

  2. matdom1988

    No problem zoso.
    Good gob Kriistof.

    1. Ciao Matdom 1988, okay I was only talking about the trailers usually your work has always been free to everyone like the Krone coolliner AI traffic (maybe I have been using your Mods for +10 years) can I share the skin dryliner and profiliner too? Will the new Chereau arrive ?.

  3. Haci husso

    Rar password pls

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