[1.40] Roman Diesel by MADster (Unofficial Update V.1.3.1)

This is the unofficial update for Roman Diesel v.1.0 by MADster [1.31]. The mod works on the 1.40 game version.
– Original untouched perfect model of Roman Diesel truck
– Carefully setted realistic engines and transmissions (special thanks to Jens Lyn IV for torque curves)
– Different tuning options
– Compatibility with most of the game functions (window animations added in this version – thanks to Dotec)
– Excellent driving experience in summary!

MADster, CobraBlue6, EVR Vasliey, JamesKirk, Roadie66, Dotec, PikPikker


6 thoughts on “[1.40] Roman Diesel by MADster (Unofficial Update V.1.3.1)

  1. Andrei Boss

    This is one of the best mods i ever play with it. I love it. it’s perfect but i can’t see the fuel indicator because of steering wheel.

  2. Great truck, my 4K movie 🙂 https://youtu.be/kkpG18VSFAk

  3. Tom Nuyttens

    i have the mod activated but when i look at truck dealers there is no Roman dealer? ty in advance

    1. Remus Otelita

      When going to Truck dealers you should have an option to access mod dealers, on the bottom right

  4. Remus Otelita

    Very good mod. Love the small details like the manual window handle that turns. The left side mirror is way to bright. And the choice of engines and gear box is not realistic. This lorry never had an engine over 200 and bit of HP. true, that will make it very slow and underpowered . But it will be more realistic.

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