10.000.000 XP mods


My first mods 10.000.000 XP for parking trailer but! no fuel save even
in all eco ability ifs full… and low price to buy garage and 0.01
for buying fuel in garage…

Author: Yansen Haryanto


17 thoughts on “10.000.000 XP mods

  1. NoobSaibot


  2. y first and last mod , please

    play the game right now

  3. This mod don’t work with tsm 3.0? I tried it and it doesn’t work

    1. TSM 3.0 doesn’t work and exist any more with Patch 1.4.x!
      The new map is 3.5!!

  4. you will miss the fun

  5. Yansen Haryanto

    yeah! this mod only for lazy people! 😀

  6. Kenworth W900

    ### why the fu.. are u all complaning about, this and other xxxxxx xp mods .After starting a new game all over about 4 or 5 times it sucks to unload all the stuff first , so if u dont like it… DONT DOWNLOAD IT … . well that is my opinion
    what map and patch does it Work with ???

    1. Yansen Haryanto

      i use in 1.48 i not testit on 1.41 or 1.31 sorry i forget the TAG

  7. RubberStig

    1.4.x (1-8s) = TSM 3.5 FYI
    I’ve not used this mod tho

  8. Is tl mode coincides with the 1.4.12 edition

  9. Flippymusa

    Help Me Doing Work On 1.7.0 Non Steam

  10. Robertcarrizal

    i needed new one for 1.9.22 steam game plz Thank you very much can you send to me links

  11. redda

  12. Thank you Yansen Haryanto the mod works on ETS2 V1.22x

  13. I like this mod

  14. chrisALEX

    this mod it saves me work, thank you for the creators

  15. hi

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