10 Speed for Scania R and Streamline


This is my first “mod” 😉

10 gear ratios for scania R and Streamline

– 3 reverse gears
– 10 forward gears

gear ratio settings:

differential_ratio: 2.59

reverse gear
R1: -9.00
R2: -6.00
R3: -4.00

forward gears
1st: 7.50 (short)
2nd: 4.00 (short)
3th: 3.00 (mid)
4th: 2.30 (mid)
5th: 1.80 (short)
6th: 1.50 (v short)
7th: 1.30 (v short)
8th: 1.10 (v short)
9th: 0.90 (normal)
10th: 0.78(long)
with retarder: 10 (same setting without retarder)

…soon for all other trucks

ETS2 1.10.X and 1.11.X



One thought on “10 Speed for Scania R and Streamline

  1. Tribaltech

    does not replace but adds, I just wanted to remember

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