10000 HP Engine v 1.3


10000 HP Engine for all Trucks
Tested 1.9.22 version

Author: kevintom


22 thoughts on “10000 HP Engine v 1.3

  1. this is not formula

    1. Battlefield4+CallOfDutyGhosts=BattleOfDutyfieldGhosts4™

      this is not Grid..
      this is simulated game..

  2. volvo4life

    Do not download this mod. Looking at the def its clearly that the mod author knows #### on how to make an engine mod. He has put all the original engines and changed the description. The newer trucks need the c-equip and s-equip and the trucks that have badge need the badge folder. For example
    accessory_engine_data : d16g750.volvo.fh16_2012.engine
    name: “D100G10000 Ultra Euro 100 / EEV”
    price: 10000
    unlock: 0
    info[]: “10000 @@hp@@ (10000@@kw@@)”
    info[]: “50@@dg@@1000 @@nm@@”
    info[]: “1@@dg@@000-2@@dg@@1000 @@rpm@@”
    icon: “engine_01”
    torque: 57500
    motor_brake: 10.0
    volume: 16.1
    defaults[]: “/def/vehicle/truck/volvo.fh16_2012/badge/badge_750.sii”
    defaults[]: “/def/vehicle/truck/volvo.fh16_2012/c_equip/front_grid_01_cab.sii”
    defaults[]: “/def/vehicle/truck/volvo.fh16_2012/s_equip/front_grid_01.sii”

    Open the scs file with winrar or winzip and check it yourself.

    1. volvo4life

      also here look at the toque
      info[]: “50@@dg@@1000 @@nm@@”
      torque: 57500

      they have to have the same value.
      What a #### mod do not download it.

  3. volvo4life

    To make an engine mod the sii needs to have a name like this for example

  4. Engine mod is easy to make your own mod its just changing numbers around I did once to go about 300km/h just to try it then went back to normal engines because not realistic to have silly engines

    1. volvo4life

      The mod author took all engines from the def and changed the description. Its a kiddie mod. You dont have to take all engines. If he wants to make a 1000hp engine for all trucks then you need one sii file for each truck. Its clearly that the mod author doesnt know how to make an engine mod.

  5. Author: kevintom – little mentally limited kiddie

  6. What is this nonsense? Some kid thinks he’s a genius?

  7. -Brol

  8. so much rage

    hey ppl, why so mad?

    This is singleplayer game, from 3 to 133 yo

    If the kids want fun (in their minds) why so mad?

    Let them play like they want…This is a game, for everyone, not only for truckers who want play the same #### they do all over the day…

    Keep calm and have fun…

  9. the best …

    volume: 16.1

    the engine have 16.1 Cylinders .. 0.1 Cylinder .. ROFL … Kevintom that is the Cylinder volume not the sound volume … HONK !!! * I lie on the floor and curl myself from laughing

    1. Volume = displacement, not number of cylinders.

      So you can have volume = 16.1 because you can have 0.1 of a litre, also known as 100mL.

      Feel smart now?

      1. about this want ets2 a volume over 6 … show me one engine in the Trucking scene who have a volume of 6 litre ? … 😉

        1. That is just the minimum value you can have. It doesn’t mean you have to use it LOL.

          It is litres, look at the stock values.

          or are you telling me they make a 16.1 cylinder engine? As “volume = 16.1” is used in default engines by SCS such as Volvo D16G.

          You are wrong, I’m not going to continue trying to explain the obvious to someone who is not willing to use their brain.

          1. ok now real .. i know about this .. but by this mod you can´t get real .. it is only to funny. isn´t ? 😀

    2. UnableRogue

      #### I thought it had to do with sound volume. When I modify my engines I always put that “volume” up xD

  10. Solucion de serial de Euro truck Simulator 2 V1.9.22 (2014) :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQD1VdKZ29A

    solution of code of Euro truck simulator 2 V1.9.22
    : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQD1VdKZ29A

  11. @TheFlas … BUY the game #### as all the rest of us. Ban this guy!!

  12. Sorry, this is my mod :’D Its’s very very ####!!! i hate now my unreal mods, i drive realistic!

  13. ets2modtester

    uptade it to 1.14 dude 🙂

  14. Ashwin Dexter

    @Dan how you can get 300km/h, i only get 204km/h , could you tell me your code?.. please, i want to learn more about this game more and more.. thanks

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