10000PS Motor For MAN V 1.0


I had NEN 10000 HP Engine
made for Scania.
But mod for a user request
I got the motor for
MAN created!

kevintom, Hans_Meyer


9 thoughts on “10000PS Motor For MAN V 1.0

  1. sıçayım motoruna salak 10000 beygir tırmı olur yarışmı bu öküz

  2. Tribaltech

    …useless and no sense mod

  3. bad and unreal!!!

  4. Why always this overrated engines, a sim is made to play realistic as possible, this is far form realistic.

  5. Unrealistisch, nutzlos und ohne wirklichen Sinn.
    Kann man drauf verzichten.

  6. kevintom, Hans_Meyer ,two IDIOTSz @ work

  7. The “mod” that you can create in 15 seconds… Only if you ever wished to create this.

  8. they think that they are clever by altering some numbers

  9. kevintom is a mentally retarded kiddie

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