16+2 Converter Transmission by adi2003de

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Transmission available for all SCS standard trucks + Scania RJL

Changes to the truck:

Changes to the motors:

Adaptation of the torque curve to the gearbox
Switch points changed in the engine electronics
Max. Speed: 1650 rpm (ensuring a clean kick-down behavior)

Changes in Physics:

My real physics was incorporated, because the clutch characteristics are anchored in it, and I have adapted the operation of the converter clutch to the transmission

Converter works with a stall torque of 2.85
This means that the rear axle can reach up to 1500 hp of power. Depending on the input power

Basic about the transmission:

2 crawler Gears
16 forward Gears
4 reverses

The best result for keyboard players with disabled power mode

The best result for controller and steering wheel: Normal power mode.




5 thoughts on “16+2 Converter Transmission by adi2003de

  1. Trucker Marc

    Great mod, what mod are you do you use for the xenon lights, if i may ask?

    1. adi2003de

      my own .. i have take a xenon lights mod from here .. but don´t know wich one it was . and has edited myself …

      1. Trucker Marc

        Ok, thanks.

      2. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

        This command in transmission incorrect
        “# Torque Converter: 2.42, 2.34, 1.9, 1.79, 1.58
        stall_torque_ratio: 2.85”

        1. adi2003de

          nope it isn´t false 🙂

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