17.5M Flatbed Extreme Long Haul Trailer

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17.5M Flatbed Extreme Long Haul Trailer

versions supported v 1.28, 1.29, 1.30
30 tonne
replaces aerodynamic trailers
added to traffic also
longer trailer ever made on ETS2
no need for dlc
and also supports all the dlc
found in almost all the companies
perfect for your diesel beast
all the common functions enabled
rear wheels are not made to turn which
makes you to feel the real trucking experience
custom skins will be launched soon

Hi总、Li总, john col


3 thoughts on “17.5M Flatbed Extreme Long Haul Trailer

  1. hi
    super trailer und auto
    weiter so

  2. Hi,
    trailer brands try to make their products lighter and lighter and this one is 30 tons with only 3 cars !!!
    1 trailer= about 7 tons
    3 sport cars= about 4.5 tons
    total = about 11.5tons
    Where is the problem?

  3. The file for the password doesnt seem to be working. Could you update it or send me the PW? Thanks

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