1980’s Optimus Prime K100 and trailer skin Combo


I wanted to make a 1980’s Optimus Prime version since I haven’t seen one uploaded yet.
I used the K100_edit_by_Henki_v1.2 (Great truck btw)
I added the Trailer sides from the Toy version of the 1980’s Optimus Prime truck.
I tested it in ETS2 Version 1.18 and 1.19.
This is my first upload of a skin so if I missed giving credit to anyone, please let me know. I only did the skins, not the vehicle or trailer.
Link to the K100 used in the skin.

Henki73, Waggi74, Pauke2004. I can’t remember the creator of the trailer I used (I wan’t to give credit to them) I used a stand alone trailer with a “World of trucks” decal on the side.)


13 thoughts on “1980’s Optimus Prime K100 and trailer skin Combo

  1. Darkside220

    I couldn’t get the trailer to show up when having Jazzy trailer packs installed. I’m not sure if it was a conflict or just the amount of trailers that cycle through. It did show up immediately when Jazzy was not used.
    Please let me know if you run into any issues.

  2. Very cool! I grew up with the original Transformers. 🙂

  3. ShuqGrind

    Yeah,I agree with you DC David,I share same era with you too.Awesome work,thanks very much guys,I’ve been waiting for 2 years for this mod to emerge.Once again,thanks a lot guys!

    1. Darkside220

      I grew up with it as well. I was a little surprised that one hadn’t been made yet. I’ve only been playing this for a couple months.

  4. Darkside220

    I’m glad you guys like it :).
    Also If anyone can figure out how to get the rear half of the frame blue, (for a closer match to the actual OP) by all means please do. But don’t forget to upload it so I can use it :P.

  5. what dealership is it in

    1. Darkside220

      It’s just the skins for the vehicle and trailer. The K100 is a separate download.
      Just google K100_edit_by_Henki_v1.2

  6. Anyone that has a link to the truck I only found 2 when I googled but neither one worked with the skin.

  7. good mod but…how it transform in robot ?


    1. Darkside220

      Sorry wrong link.
      This is the K100 I use.

  8. It seems I can’t get the skin to show even with the right truck. I use ETS 2 1.19x steam both DLCs (Scandinavia going east). 64 bit

    1. The skin is not working! I can’t even see it in the shop.

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