1on1 Map (Name TBD)

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Hey There! I am Starting a 1on1 Project. Today I’m going to share the 1st Version. This will be Realistic and not Fantasy. A lot of things can still be improved At This Time but I’m working hard on it!

Cities That Are In Right Now

If you want to know why the file is so small?
The File is small because i haven’t created custom models yet so only map and def file is available. When We have some models done the file will be bigger.

Bugs we know:
Wrong Kilometres Scale.
No Gas Station (Will be available when Hullo is done)



8 thoughts on “1on1 Map (Name TBD)

  1. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  2. nicacio sobral dias

    este map deve ser muito legal

  3. Humbby, great idea. I liked your map. Keep at it.

  4. iTzSplashed

    haha the video is 13:37 long :3

  5. Does it require any DLCs?

  6. trees…

    1. Yep to much tress on this island i didnt choose a great place to start… next update we actually have some kind of village lol

      1. Good luck bro. Bu arada sen Türk müsün canım?

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