2-axle Setra S 516 HD 1.24.X

Setra-1 Setra-2 Setra-3

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wipers Glass added.
Metallic is compatible with the DLC.
New photomask was added.
The new color wheel hubcaps added.
2 new skin was added.
New physics added.
New steering Setra logo was added.
New cockpit added.
New animation display is added.
New Neon Added.
The new sign was added to the glass.

Tested Game Version: 1.24.x

Mercedes-Benz (Majestic) you can buy from the gallery.

Setup: exiting the rare “516HDvehicle” and “516hd skin” zip files in My Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2 / Take the mod folder and activate the game Mod Manager.

Author: Comodore


11 Responses to 2-axle Setra S 516 HD 1.24.X

  1. IVECOMASTER says:

    Test video please!! Does his wipers work?

  2. blackroomafia says:

    Ellerinize saglık usta mukemmel olmuş acaba travego ve neoplan geliştirilirmi ?

  3. Diablo says:

    Test 1.24 Video on my Youtube Channel youtube.com/Rafał PL

  4. Erik says:

    what is the password?

  5. hasan says:


  6. Steini says:

    not downloaded before the turkish stuff replaceable and a standard of license plates, and not over streched again, and again

  7. Tomasz says:


  8. gringez says:

    Can`t get through Pay Roads (where u have to pay on border). I have drive in and there is no pay option 🙁

  9. NanDan says:


  10. Greg says:

    Too Much frame drop

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