2 Axle Trailer Paneltrans Replace


Replaces the panel transporter!
Multi skinned
Shadow material implemented

Sib3rius, Paffalek, Mr_zer


3 thoughts on “2 Axle Trailer Paneltrans Replace

  1. Specialist Trucker.01

    Who gave you the right to give out a VTC’s Skin in this mod??
    Even though i really don’t like swift because of how arrogant they deserve to have there privacy and mod in piece,
    Just because you’ve had a falling out it doesn’t mean you need you need to act like a little bi*** and share there hard work.

  2. It’s just a skin. Get over it because I don’t see any problems, if a VTC will really freak out because a skin got out,then those kids who run it need to get a life. You’re the one bitching about it, I’m only posting a mod. Deal with it, Swift.

  3. costy trans

    bai nebunilor cd faceti moduri scrieti ce inlocuieste modul ce trailere inlocuiesc

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