2013 Mercedes CLS V2

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#Modu kırmak yasaktır

V2 Özellikler


-AO Render

-Kabin ışığı

-Gösterge düzeltildi

-Dikiz aynası eklendi

-Bazı hatalar giderildi.


V2 features


-AO Render

-İnterior light

-indicator corrected

-rear view mirror added

-some errors were removed

AO Render: Hasan Köksal

sürüm/version 1.31,1.32

Kenan Altan


7 thoughts on “2013 Mercedes CLS V2

  1. RiflerGamer

    Test on 1.31:

  2. arttunalle

    is it good??

    1. Nice car! I really like it.
      I really like the physics!

      Now only a good realistic sound is missing. Then it would be perfect.

  3. Emre Genc

    arkadaşlar benim kanalında kız diye bakabilirsiniz Ben bununla alakalı Video çektim onu söyleyeyim ama buraya koyamadım

  4. No realistic engine sound, no dashboard indicators, no animations, no on-board computer, no standalone, and I guess neither automatic gearbox. Seriously, don’t you all get tired of making such bad mods?. It’s depressing. There are thousands of cars for ets 2, but only three or four as much serve to be installed.

    1. That’s so true! Man do you know about any good mods for 1.32? I play only superb by edgar (v4 with normal engines), I used to play with Audi A7 (pretty good mod), honda s2000 was a really nice sportscar(so low and close to the ground it was unrealistic bud good if you wanted to go into wide curves in 200+, pretty funny sports car). I would love to see a real fleet of normal cars like Fabia, Passat, Tucson, Golf, RR Evoque, LandRovers, MB, BMW and more but I only get those Turkish not functional mods with really bad colors and Turkish gipsy interiors 🙁

  5. Mod yapimcisi kimse benle ulaşırsa sevinirim

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