Month: February 2014

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Brutal environment HD engine 4.1


Compatibile ETS2 and ALL TSM
(we only tested these in turn may work with other map)

New Green Grass
More Ai , Mover and environment sounds
longer sunrise and sunset

How to remove if you do not like truks engine sounds?

Total commander entering my Brutal 4.1 engine.
Enter SOUND directory and TRUCK subdirectory and VOLVO or SCANIA etc.
This Truck name directory includes truck engine sounds. Please


DOWNLOAD 461 MB Yellow road line
DOWNLOAD 461 MB White road line

Scania V8 The Runner Mega Pack sound


Totaly New Revised Realistic and Autentic Scania Stright Pipes v8
Sound Mod MEGA PACK For Euro Truck Simmulator 2 Don’t Miss this The

Hello everyone my dear friends my fellows my viewers my best
audience!! So today bring you a new video review relise of late
promissed Stright Pipes v8 mega sound mod pack The Runners for SCS
Scania Streamline, 50Keda’s Scania, SCS Scania R2009 hope you like
this fantastic sound mods as i do!
This Versions are may or not consider finish products, but don’t
forget to visit scs forum to always get a last and updated versions of
sounds mods from me ComandoreOne!

Also check my DAF PACCAR Sound mod Review.

►Guys any questions feel free to comment and ask also leave your
feedback and your impressions about the mod!
And Please if you about to say any critic please do it constructive
and don’t need any bad words,
Respect me as you wold like to have same respect for you. Any badword
comment will be delited.

Always check the SCS official forum for my Sound Mods and detailed
Infos is ALSO Finde THERE if you got any problems!

Best Regards And Respect ComandoreOne.

Mercedes-Benz is comming!



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