Scania V8 The Runner Mega Pack sound


Totaly New Revised Realistic and Autentic Scania Stright Pipes v8
Sound Mod MEGA PACK For Euro Truck Simmulator 2 Don’t Miss this The

Hello everyone my dear friends my fellows my viewers my best
audience!! So today bring you a new video review relise of late
promissed Stright Pipes v8 mega sound mod pack The Runners for SCS
Scania Streamline, 50Keda’s Scania, SCS Scania R2009 hope you like
this fantastic sound mods as i do!
This Versions are may or not consider finish products, but don’t
forget to visit scs forum to always get a last and updated versions of
sounds mods from me ComandoreOne!

Also check my DAF PACCAR Sound mod Review.

►Guys any questions feel free to comment and ask also leave your
feedback and your impressions about the mod!
And Please if you about to say any critic please do it constructive
and don’t need any bad words,
Respect me as you wold like to have same respect for you. Any badword
comment will be delited.

Always check the SCS official forum for my Sound Mods and detailed
Infos is ALSO Finde THERE if you got any problems!

Best Regards And Respect ComandoreOne.

Mercedes-Benz is comming!



34 Responses to Scania V8 The Runner Mega Pack sound

  1. toto ptit routier says:

    It’s à really sound !!
    Thank you

  2. Sib3rius says:

    20 minutes for a single sound mod? -_- The mod sounds good and all, but please cut down on the loligagging and talking, it’s annoying. Just drive around for a few mins and leave it at that.

    • Eren KEMER says:

      I agree with you Sib3rius..I think so..No need these boring explanations.

  3. kriechbaum says:

    I like it too, just (for me) i think the pitch is a little bit too high, should decrease it from 200-300 rpm, to make the engine running a little bite faster.

    It’s a well done.

    • ComandoreOne says:

      Hello my Frined Kriechbaum,

      I understand you but the pitch have to be this way as it is becasue my program calculate the exact pitch in comparation to real life scania, then i did adjustment to it and it got that proper scania prprprprpr, and this is how it is when you got a stright pipe on scania if you listen working a straight pijp scania next to you this exact the sound you hear on the side of pipe is just make feel have ton and bit slow as at time sound come out from pijp at idle rpm its lost the energy, but got the ton and resonance of a wave, so this how it works mate.

      Thank you for feedback its always good to hear from you buddy, but must say that if you then wehn the ATS come out want build a US truck sound we can work as team! I prity much can recreate the exact nots for sound of a ken W900 just let me know some at time buddy!

      Thanks once more and cya best Regards and Respect ComandoreOne.

      • kriechbaum says:

        Ok, ok, i see.

        Yes when ATS will be here, i guess we will have a hugeeeeeeeee of sound to do.

  4. Andrew says:

    good video good sound but please stop talking for so long

  5. Midnight Rider says:

    This is epic sound!!! I think i finally found the right soundtrack for my little sweet Scanias. Waiting for other goodies from you (like the Daf XF sound, he!). Congrats!

  6. Robisierra says:

    Thank you

  7. ko says:

    ComandoreOne, thanks for sound! Tell me what graphics mod are you using? Sorry for my English

  8. stephanv8 says:

    nice sound but where can i get the wheels, stuff and skin for the truck

  9. ComandoreOne says:

    Hello guys, now about graphics, this is my own reworked RED + my NV settings and game is set all max with Scale up to 400% and as you can see the grapics are very nice, now the my version reworked RED i probably will relise it soon as my reworked version, it have loads of fixed stuf and there is no any other mods in it is simply a pure RED only Grapics and my new own system flair that makes lights realistic even at day time!

    Now for skin in the video this is privet for now in near fuiture i relise it, now wheels also privet reworked with my textures with resos over 4000×3000 scaled and proper set to get HD quality.

    Thank you all and stay tuned for more and more mods! And cool stuff!

    Best Regards ComandoreOne. Don’t forget to check SCS Software Forum for my mods and preview of my work and mods that will be out!

  10. loshka88 says:

    The best sound mod for Scania!
    Thank you!

  11. ebs says:

    hey, great sound as always.
    just wanted to ask if you coud tell where i can get the skin & wheels like in the picture :>

  12. breizhdave says:

    hello congratulations for this very good sound
    thank you

  13. tadaaa says:

    where you download mod to make mission icons disappear?
    want it too 🙂

  14. maxx2504 says:

    Sorry ComandoreOne but you like to listen to your annoying voice yourself right ? The problem is you made so many soundmods and no one is really good. You embarrasse yourself by being so selfish. I made one great sound and its still one of the best. You better do some other videos where you can talk #### all day long…and stop doing soundmods please…totally embarrassing man…this is funny 😉

    • ComandoreOne says:

      Hello Maxx so what is you saying that this is not scania sound ? that this is bad sound what ? because i don’t understand what are you saying buddy just don’t get your comment, and one more thing, just to clear things out in the video i did a subtitles there its say ” Want to skip this go to min….” so don’t get what is your problem is Maxx, with all respect to you Maxx and for modders and others, at day time i work 12h per day for living and then back home i finde time to make my mods and this what i get, but i have to say many thinks to most people that respect my work and folowing my projects, but hey i’m not forcing you or anyone to like my mods or sound mods, and other thing this sound was made that way to get as much close as you can go to the real scania sound, all nots all sounds and datas are there all the transactions are clean and smoth i did worked in all aspects of this sound or any of my sound mod, now i always do say this because i never but never sayed any bad comment to any one to anny modder as i know what it takes to build an proper mod, what take to make one mod according real life data wold be this a truck or sound or parts, is a hard work and i respect everyone every modder out there, now if you have somthing to critic in my sound please do it but constructive critic and no need offend anyone, and more don’t know your age and even don’t intrest to know but to me is not a proper comment of a man, and other thing that i want to mention here is i Never but Never say that my sound mod is best out there is better than others or anything like that i never did sayed that i know that there are other good sound mods! Other thing “selfish” ?! LOL I did relise my privet works allrady and there will be more mods comming out that i did for my own use but then i feel bad and i do share them with community, soon i will be sharing my reworked RED and not to mention othet my projects that will be relised, so buddy you pick rong person and rong words! Now this is your words read them Maxx “still one of the best.” By your logic i also now could say that you in oppen internet calling your sound mod Best! You better look at you first and then you can talk! I’m not perfect yes i’m not this is for sure! no one is, now at least i do relise my works and i do share them to anyone, time by time but guys get all that i have worked on. With all respect Maxx but you didn’t acted right! If you knowed me you woldn’t say this all mess, But you are at your right to say what you think but before say somthing first think what you are about to say! Without knowing someone! And because there are more great guys and so vast number of people that following me giving me positive force to keep my work and what i’m doing i will never STOP!

      Buddy get a life, and grow up a bit no offence!

      Best Regards and with all Respect ComandoreOne.

      My work is oppen world for those who like it and following my work and for me my self!

      • JA says:

        Yo, Comandore.

        word of advice (take it or leave it).

        Next time someone like maxx drops some hate like that, just ignore it and laugh it off.

        their words say more about themselves than you (just let them make themselves look pathetic)

        dont waste your time writing a thousand words like you just did, it just makes it look like you caught feelings over their comment (thats what they want) and you wasted your time writing all that.

        p.s. (dont waste time replying to me either cause I wont be back to read it, no offense)

  15. barns says:

    nice sound i just download it now because he just goes on on on on on on on he just needs to to get to the point of what hes selling and not and not boring people with it —–this is just a bit of advice—

  16. Trucker Melli says:

    guter klang aber ich würde mir mehr airbrake sound wünschen und der turbo ist im scania auch etwas lauter sonst gute arbeit…weiter so…

    • ComandoreOne says:

      Hello Trucker Melli, the turbo is there now you have to try the mod in your game as everyone got own systems and sound cards so there always will be diference from pc to pc from audio to audio systems, if the turbo is low volume in your game go at scs software forum and at my home page of sound mod Volvo Viking there you finde info how to change volumes and adapt sound mods to your preferences. 🙂

      Hope this helped you my Friend and thank you for feed! Doing my Best!

      Best Regards and Respect ComandoreOne.

  17. Hellfire says:

    I don’t suppose you could do a DAF 510 straight pipe sound?
    James Hellfire

    • ComandoreOne says:

      Hello Hellfire,

      I will be doing that but in near future, right now i got stock DAF sound mod in progress, and also Mercedes Benz Antos sound mod, for relise of Olegs project and for 50keda’s DAF.

      So at time there will be all 🙂 Thank ou for feed and Best Regards ComandoreOne.

  18. ko says:

    ComandoreOne, you use the steering wheel, keyboard or gamepad?

  19. Hicham says:

    this is better than the game’s sound !! i really see lot’s of people doing a great job here !! they should be the real developers of ETS 2 !! that they take ages to update and gives us stuff that we already have from mods and that are better quality !!!

  20. Tjer says:

    I have to say that it sounds pretty good compared to some other sound mods but no where near a real scania sound. I’m sorry It is waaaaay to high pitched, the sound in the middle (that bobobobob sound) is perfect but everything surrounding that just sounds to high pitched, I don’t really know how to explain it good. it should sound like this :

    If you can do that, would be awesome 🙂

  21. Goran says:

    Hi guys ! the skin is privat ?

  22. breizhdave says:

    Hello is it possible that you include the mod Turbotruck for blinkers
    thank you

  23. SuperTurboTruck says:

    A credit for the blinker sound wouldn´t be wrong 😐

  24. chris says:

    Best sound mod ever..!!!keep up the good work!

    Just got one issue though, since i updated the game to 1.922s, the sound no longer works, can u pls make it compatible with the new update??

  25. Henri Pol says:

    Wow, what a fantastic sound mod! Only problem is that it isn’t compatible with the 1.9.22. could you make it compatible with the new version?

    thank you

  26. Iche says:

    Nice Sound! But it doesn´t work for me … i´m using ths scania mod:
    Your V8 sound V4 works on this truck, this one not and this one really the best i think. Can you Help me? i already looked in the def folders and the both .sii are the same??

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