2017 NISSAN GT-R 1.46


Updated to game version 1.46
Traffic bots lighting error

– HQ Model
– HQ Salon
–Ao(Ambiyans Coating)
–4 Different Front Bumpers
–4 Different Rear Bumpers
–4 Different Cup Attachments
–2 Different Spoilers
–4 Different Wheels
–3 Different Seat Covers
–3 Different Steering Wheel Covers,

Mert İrşi


2 thoughts on “2017 NISSAN GT-R 1.46

  1. Amazing drive, Drove from Russia to Spain with no issues

  2. Octavian__n

    Wow! I was amazed at the speed and how well it holds up on the road! When you go above 250km/h it becomes a beast on wheels, you can’t keep it on the road because it shakes so much.
    Everything else is perfect, the car is very nice, the modifications you can make are good, the part I love the most is the speed with which you reach 100km/h without realizing it.
    Thanks Mert İrşi for the mod and keep it up!

    The maximum I could reach is 313km/h
    0 – 100km/h in 5.46 seconds
    0 – 200km/h in 7.78 seconds

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