2280 HP Scania Engine


Super engine for Scania. 2280 HP, 1680 KW, 11400 NM.



15 thoughts on “2280 HP Scania Engine

  1. get a life you numpty

    1. UnableRogue

      As opposed to you who are complaining about something you don’t even need to download?

  2. Go play need for speed u gimp ffs

    1. UnableRogue

      Don’t download it then and stop your whining.

  3. please create a .scs version of this mod

  4. hmmmm!!! ETS2 is a simulator isn’t it ?

    ETS = Euro Truck SIMULATOR.

    With all due respect…

    Please tell me that you don’t own a car, or drive for real.

  5. find y brain and then…
    or create a engine for y brain

    1. UnableRogue

      All of you people are bitching for no reason. If you don’t like it then DON”T DOWNLOAD IT. Holy ####.

      1. Unable Rogue, master, i need gear for Scania R700, last beta version, for engine 2000HP. Any chance?

      2. Yes!! just listen to him! You needn´t download it, so don´t complain about it!!

        Hey UnableRogue, don´t listen to that peace of ####!!! It´s just a great mod!

  6. mb 999999999999 hp
    why not )

  7. Good mod! NFS… you snails… Stick you gear on grany hole and drive!

  8. Good mod! NFS… You snails… Stick you first gear on grany-hole, hold break tight and drive!

  9. Not work for me… What a pity. Help UnRo!

  10. this can run at v1.16 ?

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