ENB Series Graphics HD Mod v 1.0


Everything is much better than in the original version. And do all this without frame drops, so even with lower
Specifications computer can run it without any problems.

• More Vibrant/fresh colors
• More Realistic Environment
• More Detailed New Textures.
• More Apparent Road Lines.
• More Realistic Asphalt.
• More Realistic Street Lights
• More Realistic Lighting For All Vehicles
• More Realistic Weather
• More Realistic Fog
• More Realistic Rain
• More Realistic Clouds
• More Realistic Bright Weather
• More Realistic Sunshine
• More Realistic Flare
• More Realistic Reflection Details With Rain
• More Realistic Light Reflections With Rain
• More Realistic Day & Night
• More Realistic Colors And Realistic Lighting On The Highway
• More Realistic Night Driving On The Highway
• New Loading Screens
• New Background Screen
• No Fps Drops

Author: KacaK


17 thoughts on “ENB Series Graphics HD Mod v 1.0

  1. ### AWESOME!

  2. Does this slow down your game or you can use it even if you have average computer? 🙂

    1. can cause a small drop in framerates i believe, best thing to do is test it and see what happens really, it all depends o how capable your system is tbh

      1. I have N vidia 8800 GT, Intel Dual Core, 4GB RAM. 🙂

        1. should be okay then, i used an enb on my old system with only a drop of 2fps. all i can say is try it and see really, just backup files first :]

          1. I will try it. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  3. Wonderful mod! Things are so much more colorful)
    But there is one problem: in the mirrors on the pavement much glare …
    But everything else was good)

  4. Looks great!

  5. @dr_jaymz

    compatible with tsm 4.5.6??

  6. barclayer

    yes it works with tsm 4.5.6

  7. great mod . no probs with it .. running 1.8.5 with promods + jazzycat mods , works a treat 🙂 +1 + no drop in frames for me 🙂

  8. allthegoodusernamesweretaken

    yes it works with TSM 4.5.6

  9. good (Y)

  10. szetland1971

    unrealistic – Barbie

  11. Obsolete flare data definition! Absolute model path is expected. It’s crush…:(

  12. nice mod

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