3 in 1 Houses by anto007 v0.2


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I know how boring is to sleep at hotel, service or parking place.

I made this mod for you to have a place where you can say: “This is my house”.

3 in 1 means: House/Service/Fuel. I made 5 places on the map where are the houses. Enjoy it!

Update 0.2:
– solved crash errors;
– rebuild some connections;

Compatible with 1.22.x

P.S: I’ll continue this project if your feedback is positive.


DOWNLOAD 3.5 MB part I


14 thoughts on “3 in 1 Houses by anto007 v0.2

  1. RagnarModding

    And when the feedback is true but not fine?
    I think u need true fairly feesback and no ####….

  2. Acacio Lourenço

    crash…… don`t work

  3. still doesnt work… any chance of a update that works

  4. LTRedasTIR

    Can u make it in Bialystok?

  5. Crashes 🙁

  6. Działa z promods??
    he is cooperating from promods??

  7. Marcinek982

    Very good Mod

  8. Please make one in Norway, close to oslo…

  9. The idea is great, but it crashes the game.

  10. Great idea , please make it compatible with TSM 6.2 map .

  11. Spiel stürzt nach Start ab

  12. CrazyBlazeChicken

    71 persons is liking this?! Holy heck that’s a #### ton of likes!!
    Nope, i’m not complaining, this mod is very nice! 🙂

  13. Thanks but is compatible whith Truck Sim Map

  14. VTC.Vervaeke

    how to instal on promods

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