3 in 1 Houses by anto007 v0.3


I know how boring is to sleep at hotel, service or parking place.

I made this mod for you to have a place where you can say: “This is my house”.

3 in 1 means: House/Service/Fuel. I made 5 places on the map where are the houses. Enjoy it!

Update 0.2:
– solved crash errors;
– rebuild some connections;

Update 0.3:
– added 3 news locations: Ostrava, Bialystok and Dover;
– solved some crash errors;
– compatible with Scandinavia;

Compatible with 1.22.x

P.S: Thank you very much for your feedback!
I’ll continue this project if your feedback is positive and next times!


DOWNLOAD 5.2 MB part I

19 thoughts on “3 in 1 Houses by anto007 v0.3

  1. Can I youse it with the TSM Map?

    1. Use of course

  2. It’s a great idea!
    But unfortunately, this mode does not work – just create a new profile, and the game crashes…
    (ETS2 v1.22.2.6s with Going East! and Scandinavia; there are no other mods and maps). Any suggestions or solutions?..

    1. Hello,

      When I created version 0.3, I tested it with Scandinavia and Going East DLC and this worked. I don’t know why you get crash. I`ll try to identify why.

      Also, you can delete ETS folder from Documents and make new profile, maybe this will work.

      Thank you for feedback!


  3. Does this work with Promods please?

    1. Just Try

  4. LTRedasTIR

    Thx for Bialystok 🙂

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your suggestion! If you have more suggestions like this, write them!


      1. Please make a house in Luxembourg

        1. Sure!

  5. does not work with the map ProMods 2.0;(

  6. Serega.0986

    hello please: create one house in the Austrian city of Graz in advance thank you.

    1. Sure!

  7. please please make one house in dover awsome mod!!

    1. Sure!

  8. Anto007,

    I downloaded twice
    I used both Winrar as 7-zip, but occurs a crash when load the last saved game

    The was an error while inflating (E:/_BIBLIOTECAS/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/0 Map – Houses v0.3 by Anto007 #3 base.scs)

  9. compatible with promods????

  10. Hab jetzt wieder alles rausgeschmissen.
    Nach mehreren vergeblichen Versuchen, nur Game Crashes.
    Schade! “Nette Idee.”

  11. Absolutley awesome idé love it, 😀 great mod 😀

    Would be cool with a house in around Venice or somewhere in Italy.
    if you got the time 😀

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