3 Irish trailers


3 standalone Irish trailers: Cadbury, Guinness and Jameson. Have fun!

Author: Deczor


7 Responses to 3 Irish trailers

  1. Experimental Trucker says:

    Will be trying these out. Thanks for the time & effort.

  2. mraverage24 says:

    Cadburys is English not Irish. Great trailers though!!

    • Deczor says:

      Right, but factories are also in other countries, we have one in Ireland, anyway my trailer fits in UK roads as well. Thanks and best luck on the roads.

    • Connor says:

      OK first of all Cadburys may have a factory in Ireland but is defiantly not Irish and it is not English, you may have factories there but in fact Cadburys in Kiwi (New Zealand) I live in New Zealand and I live the city of which Cadburys started from and is still being made from so get you facts right mate. All I’m saying is that yes Cadburys have factories all over the world but it comes from New Zealand not England or Ireland or any other place it came and still does come from NEW ZEALAND!

  3. Cadburys says:

    Link is broken for this download. Please fix it.
    Error Message…
    Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.

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