32M Vehicle Transport Trailer

32-meter vehicle transport trailer
Already tested version: 1.30.x
Other versions please test yourself



6 thoughts on “32M Vehicle Transport Trailer

  1. AlexCrazy

    no need this ugly ###### not-standalone chinese “mods”

    1. If you do not love please do not hurt, this is only free to share, not an obligation to you

  2. Sooo Unreal
    Report this china sh..t

    1. Why do you need to report? Nobody is making you use it, don’t like it just move on.
      To the author nice trailer thanks for sharing, I’m sure that someone will find it useful. (Like @Greg51fr below me)

  3. Please make not only mod of empty condition but also mod of trailer full of compact cars.

  4. I love this mod because I need challenge !

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