38 ZV 001 Süha Turizm Travego 17 SHD Skin

Greetings to my fellow citizens from Kayseri, today we are with you with the classic belt that Süha Turizm used when it was at its peak in the recent past, which we can call nostalgia 🙂 The vehicle is the first make-up Travego that came to Kayseri in 2011 with 35 ÜÇEL ÇELİK KAPI 011 plate, and Şahika, who later engaged in tourism activities in Kayseri It was transferred to Turizm and its license plate was changed as 38 ZV 001 and operated in Süha Turizm. Nowadays, Şahika Tourism shows up in overseas trips with her articles.

OyuncuyusBis , hakankara


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