40ft Container Cistern


All container Cistern are 40 ft.
Author: Nikola Kostovski


31 Responses to 40ft Container Cistern

  1. Domas89 says:

    Great mod..I was waiting for this mod very long time..

  2. blackheaven14 says:


  3. chatonopentelho says:

    I just do not understand why in a passport file posted for everyone??

  4. Donnie says:

    can this be skinned

  5. Szetland1971 says:

    add or replace?

  6. Baba says:

    thanks mate 10/10 points

  7. trucker richy says:

    WTG Nikola on another great mod 10/10. Regards. Trucker richy 🙂

  8. trucker richy says:

    hey pal, less of the swearing, try using a brain cell and read the read me.txt

  9. Karel says:

    Omfg, Read the file Read.me txt!!!!!!!!!!
    Stupid ######.

  10. thinker says:

    Got to agree with the questions regarding password, it won’t even extract to use it without the password.
    That means we can’t even read the “readme.txt” file without a password. Maybe re-upload the file with NO password on the .rar file this time?

    • Snowleopard says:

      Sorry to be a bearer of bad news, but I have downloaded this twice first time was the day it was released, no problems in the download or finding the Read Me file. Second time to see what your all spitting your dummies out about. The download STILL works fine and the Read Me is easily accessible from the downloaded file, it is the actual Mod that is locked and requires a password, NOT the entire Rar file that contains both.

      Very best regards

    • trucker richy says:

      i downloaded it fine and the password is not on the .rar it is on the .scs file inside the .rar just download it, open the .rar file, and open the readme.txt 🙂

  11. thinker says:

    OK, just checked both suggestions. And yes, the readme is accessible with open in winrar.
    However for some odd reason winrar refuses to extract the .scs file so I can add it to my mods folder.
    Genuine paid version of winrar, NOT some ripped thing.
    I’ll try by using the password Nicola put in the readme.

  12. thinker says:

    And woohoo, that worked just fine, thanks guys.

  13. Karel says:

    That worked perfect.

  14. Marcelo Sanchez says:

    Hello Nikola:
    This mod is fantastic.
    But I would like to make a suggestion.
    In Farming simulator there is an adapter boogie, there is an axis and two axes. Allows standard hitch a trailer to a tractor. In this manner, can take two standard trailers, and to form a tandem, also a standard truck. The length of the assembly, would be similar to a longer trailer, but with the advantage of a double articulation. A challenge to handle, a challenge to park and original mod. All standard elements, except the boogie. The set-engage, should be armed as a single element. otherwise would have to change the order, very complicated!
    Best Regards!

    • DAYZU says:

      If there was a way to make dual trailers, I think someone would have done it by now..

      • marcelofs says:

        It is possible, but this way, you use standard trailers and truck standard.
        All that is needed is the adapter boogie (I’m sorry, but do not know what to call it), is the same as that used in the farming simulator. But the whole (tandem), must be a single formation, a single transport. Otherwise, you should join both trailers, and would be two simultaneous charges. This requires modifying the method of contracting, too complex!
        This mod can be applied to containers, tankers, any trailer. Only are sets.
        But the challenge of driving and parking … worth it!
        Bye, Marcelo.

        • DAYZU says:

          You mean a dolly like this?

          I understand how they work in REAL LIFE I am saying if it were possible in ETS2 I think it would have been done by now, considering it’s been done in every other SCS game but NOT this one!

          • marcelofs says:

            The picture is perfect, that’s the model I mentioned, There are one, two and three axis. My suggestion is to do a tandem double articulation, instead of, to one long trailer with a single articulation. The length would be the same, but totally changes their mobility, in handling and parking, and especially in curves. Although technically would be a single job. It would be a great challenge to drive! The current tandem mods, exist, but modify the truck. Adding to the truck, a long box (long chassis), but are still in a single articulation, no one double.
            Bye, Marcelo.

  15. marcelofs says:

    This image corresponds to SCS for ETS2 model.
    Why do not was implemented? I do not know.
    But it exists!



  16. Bero says:


    Cannot open Txt File

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