5-series Interior & Engine Addon for Scania R2008 50k

This mod will add to the Scania R2008 50k 2 real interior 5-series and an additional set of engines Euro-3 and Euro-4 equipped with a motor brake. All engines have factory traction characteristics according to the specification of Scania.
interiors 5-series not compatibility for DLC Cabin Accessories.
All 3D models in mod converted in new format, all useless
files removed, definition pack fully reworked, all obsolete
atribute in files reworked, adapted animation. Mod worked
without bugs and crashes. Clear log!
Mod was tested on latest game version –

Please, do not repload my mod! Respect my work! I live in a war zone of Donbass and modding gives a small income.Please keep original link if you post it somewhere.

Thank you for understanding! Good game!

Reworking & adaptation: Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass) Authors: anaheim and mr.poland.


6 thoughts on “5-series Interior & Engine Addon for Scania R2008 50k

  1. Polishdrivertruck

    very nice! thank you!

  2. Iceliner1

    Thank you very much! But the speedometer needle and the speed sensor are dark.

  3. openpipeguy

    Hey nikola
    can you updated this truck https://youtu.be/dgzgbhse3sg with active dolly?
    that would be awesome

    1. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

      I do not make mods to order. Sorry/

  4. Smer4iTornado

    Николя двигатели евро 3 и 4 работают без звука, нужно что -то сделать. Если есть желание доработай , заранее благодарен за твой труд!

    1. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

      Скинь лог – посмотрю. Ставить аддон попробуй выше Скании

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