500.000 Start Money


Gives you 500k Money when you start a new savegame!

It only works when you make a new Profile!
Activate the mod and have fun!

Tested on 1.16.2s

(Maybe works on older Versions)



3 thoughts on “500.000 Start Money

  1. Thanks! So tired of having to regrind after starting another new profile! lol This really helps a lot. It wouldnt work on the Argentina map though, but it did work on Island Zone Indonesia.

  2. Give them more “zzzzzz” that it will load at last, then it will function on any map. Since the value in it isn’t hard to change.

  3. Any1 can do that with Cheat Engine,more start money and XP 🙂 you can begin after 1st drive like hired driver 🙂 and pump your money to 500.000€ or 5,000.000€ whatever you want,and it works with XP also

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