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5000HP Engine


Author: erivan barbosa


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36 Responses to 5000HP Engine

  1. Dodol says:

    5000HP, it’s ridiculous, i rather use 1010HP

  2. Leo says:

    so crazy

  3. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Come on! We’re driving trucks here, we don’t fly Concordes!

    Even 1010 Hp is over the top!


    Freddy Jimmink

  4. Bart van Ham says:

    Tell that to Jos van Loon, with his 1000HP chipped R620 ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. Dido says:

    Unreal and who this mod downloading is a noob

  6. Rei says:

    It’s so crazy…
    Yesterday I have downloading 1500hp, then there is 2500hp, and now 5000hp. Would later be increased to 10000hp? 50000hp? or 100000hp?!

    Should I say ‘wwwoooow…’ like that?! ๐Ÿ˜†

  7. Sarkissian says:

    Next a 100000HP engine, very REALISTIC!!!

    This is the BIGGEST #### EVER!!!

    • Freddy Jimmink says:

      Wait! Don’t bring them on crazy ideas my friend, we dont have to go mach 10 orso!

      We’re driving TRUCKS ( i thought)

      If you wanna fly, go play Flight Simulator orso,

      Freddy Jimmink

  8. james says:

    I guess the only way to settle this is ets2 needs to put a drag strip and an oval to race on and their own download site like ets2race.XXX.Speeders stay of the highways,byways and hhd’s of the trucksim.Thankyou, now you can resume you complaining.

  9. ollez says:

    Really good fun on the autobahn! steering should be fixed alsoยด

  10. Stephen Butler says:

    Even if we were to assume, for one wild moment, that 5000hp were a viable proposition, this mod needs a good deal of work. It has two main problems as I see it. First, the gears are all wrong. You crawl along for the first half a dozen or so gears, and then it’s ‘hold on to your hats’ as you suddenly go charging off at 80mph plus. There is no way you can use this mod without hitting something. I challenge anyone to drive this for some realistic distance without crashing. Second, this mod is completely ####. It doesn’t make sense to create such a mod that is unplayable. Everyone, I believe, makes an equally important contribution to life and society, no matter how large or small. Except the creator of this mod, who has completely wasted his or her time which would have been much better spent taking the dog out for a walk or washing the car.

    • st_b says:

      Yah i agree, i use 2500hp now that a fast but drivable mod, more than than, it just kills the fun, by the way when are passengers going to be included in those empmty bus terminals, i see the fake passengers at loading docs, i will prefer them at bus terminals as the weight issue with those fake ones @ the trucks loading areas is an issue.

  11. Well i guess who want that mod will download this mod and who doesnt wont.Dont have to bi*ch about it mkay.
    Freddy Jimmink if u driving with normal trucks doesnt mean everyone wants the same orso.
    Also if u want to drive fast u can write in the console “warp 1.5” above that its goint too fast ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Peace toyall

  12. Peace officer says:

    Guys. please stop complaining. this mod is just for fun. if you don’t want this, just leave it and don’t download it. is there any problem? is the author of this mod forcing you guys to download and try this mod? that’s what mods are. For fun even if it’s not realistic. PEACE bros. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Total G says:

    can someone make a 10-20k HP engine? I had a 10k hp one but i lost it, and cannot remember where I downloaded it from. If i knew how to make it myself then I would.

  14. rftgh says:

    thanks alot

  15. Kostas says:

    Is this only for Scania???

  16. Someone says:

    At least its better than rocking up to a 70 Tonne Train that you need to haul with only a polltry 360 hp engine

  17. legobrammetje says:

    i have a standerd 5000 horsepower engine for the volvo. now i have it on other trucks too

  18. Bob says:

    Good work

  19. houda says:


  20. alae says:

    maroco map

  21. ronnie says:

    nice mod

  22. ossama says:

    i like the mod

  23. maziine says:


  24. HappyF says:

    what truck is this for ? i dont see it

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