50k Wheels Pack [1.23 and up]

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50k Wheels Pack [1.23 and up]
All files created by 50keda (the authors) are allowed for use by private individuals.

DO NOT re-upload this package to others file providers!!

No files included in this package are allowed to be redistributed without permission
from 50keda.

No files included or parts thereof are allowed to be used commercially.

Any files by other authors included in this package are used with permission and are property
of the original author.

All brand logos and images are property of their respective owners.

NOTE: Any previous packages shall be removed because of old wheels system!


Mod adds 5 new variants of ALCOA front rims and 5 new variants of ALCOA rear rims.
Additionally mod adds 6 variants of front tires and 4 variants of rear tires
Truck brands included: DAF, SCANIA, Volvo (Renault), MAN, Mercedes-Benz
None. It was tested on 1.23.x version of game.
Backward compatibility: NONE as this pack features new separated parts for wheels!

-Ventyres -> for original wheels models 😉


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15 thoughts on “50k Wheels Pack [1.23 and up]

  1. Can i have link for your man tandem?

    1. You can search for “Capital” or “FlemmingV”
      so you find everything you want… 😉

      Or search “Tandem”

  2. Hey people i have tried using the conversion tool but i cannot really get on with it is there any other way of making these nice wheels to work??

  3. Steam Workshop please

  4. hi 50keda! great mod! but what is that man heavy mod, i want that so bad!


  5. does anyone know how to convert this mod to be able to use it ??? the 50 Keda could already have left eese mod converted to facilitate for those who do not know how to do.

  6. Mods-User

    How do i use this, there is no scs. files ?

    1. john dimos

      just put the pack.zip in to your mod folder and its work

  7. Hardtransport

    how did i can install this??, there are`nt any .scs file

  8. what the hell how can extract this file????????????? please change mode

  9. Samuele Pincelli

    Add possibility to paint all rims accessories compatible with scania mods forma scania r e stramline v1.5.1.1

  10. john dimos

    thanks 50keda it works,but why only michelen an good year tyres brands?please make and all the other..

  11. João antonio neves

    no meu nao aparece pq versao 1.23

  12. mohamad480

    how I can install it?

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